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The Art of Gift Wrapping with The Dalmore


As we head into the holiday season, you may have already taken a look at the The Ultimate Gift List by Gentologie. Buying gifts is great, but you have to wrap them, don’t you? With The Dalmore, we’ve made it our mission to help you. Although you can always have them wrapped in a shop, but hey, it’s not the same as doing it yourself. Discover with us the art of gift wrapping.

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The Art of Gift Wrapping, why?


Photo: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

In fact, the inspiration for this article for the Art of Gift Wrapping came from The Dalmore’s most recent project for his Luminary series. The craftsmanship, the handmade nature of the products, was a revelation, both for this packaging project and for future products for Gentologie. Plus, you’d have to be blind to know that many gentlemen aren’t the most skilled with their hands to get the best gift under the tree (yes, your gifts are sometimes a little too easy to recognize gentlemen).


Photo: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

Let’s not exclude ourselves. Our editor used to say that his mother often packed his gifts. He made it his goal to do this packing himself. For this video, he watched YouTube tutorials, several of them (there are some very complex ones). But it was by trying that he managed to apply the different techniques. And he explains it all in the video below.

The Gift wrapping essentials


Photo: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

We could tell you that your best whisky is an essential accessory (we’re talking about The Dalmore available at SAQ, LCBO and BC Liquors), but you’ll need scissors, wrapping paper (we try to avoid products from China, by the way, the one in the video, with the deer motif, comes from England), clear sticky paper (try to get double-sided), a measuring tape, packing tapes and tissue paper or “Kraft” paper.

In this video we explain all the steps. It may sound very simple, but there are some very complex notions to have the most beautiful gift. And it’s often the little details that will make your gift beautiful and not look like a crooked box. In short.


On that note, we wish you a happy holiday season and a great gift wrapping session accompanied by The Dalmore!

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