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2024 Montréal International Auto Show: What not to miss!

Mclaren 750 S Spider Photo: McLaren

As the show draws to a close on January 28, there are some not-to-be-missed gems at the 2024 Montreal International Auto Show. Here’s a sneak preview of what I saw during the press day.

Major automakers present . . . but also some big no-shows at the 2024 Montréal International Auto Show

The pandemic has, of course, changed the face of auto shows all over the world. Some have become regional shows, some have disappeared, many have shrunk in size, and others have changed their name altogether to include all forms of transport. Don’t be surprised if the Montréal International Auto Show becomes the Montréal Mobility Show over the next few years, and includes Montréal Electric & Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Show. Please note that we’ll be talking about luxury brands in this article.

The grand automakers present at the 2024 Montréal International Auto Show


Genesis GV70 ElectrifiedPhoto: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

Genesis GV70 Electrified
Photo: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

Genesis is back this year with its entire range, including the magnificent GV60 and GV70, which we were able to test in Scotland, and which you can read about in the latest Gentologie magazine at their booth (if there are any left).


Buick Envista 2024Photo: Buick

Buick Envista 2024
Photo: Buick

Buick was also present, and we were able to meet Kevin Nougarede, Buick’s Director of Interior/Exterior Design, whose interview we’ll be bringing you in a few days’ time. The Envista Tourisme Sport and the Encore GX in Sunrise Red Metallic with black wheels are simply magnificent and give a more masculine side to the vehicles in the Buick range, which have taken on a feminine slant in recent years. Although the Wildcat concept, some elements of which can be found on the Envista, was simply incredible.


Infiniti’s superb vehicles are also breaking out of their straitjackets to finally present an update of the QX60, while the QX65, a coupé version inspired by the Infiniti FX, will arrive in 2024. As for the QX80, a new, revamped version will hit the market by spring. Thinking electric? So is Infiniti. They will be presenting their first all-electric vehicle, inspired by the Vision Qe concept, in the coming months. This elegant coupé hatchback features a low, wide profile, full-width digital lighting in the shape of piano keys and striking machine-finished wheels. A first electric SUV, the Vision QXe, will also follow. Nissan’s, the sister brand, is offering a cinematic experience not to be missed with the Québec-based D-Box. In a word, it shakes things up! There’s also a Nismo version of the Nissan Z.


Cadillac IQ 2024Photo : Cadillac

Cadillac IQ 2024
Photo : Cadillac

As for Cadillac, in addition to the Lyriq we talked about here, we have the Escalade IQ, which is imposing but magnificent all the same. This is the first time we’ve seen Cadillac’s all-electric SUV at a Montréal show, so we might as well take advantage of it!


McLaren 750 S SpiderPhoto: McLaren

McLaren 750 S Spider
Photo: McLaren

At McLaren, we had the chance to see the magnificent 750 S Spider, unveiled by Mr. Charles St-Roch of McLaren Montréal, which our automotive columnist Marc Bouchard mentioned in this article! This supercar is undoubtedly one of the great attractions of the 2024 Montreal International Auto Show. It’s sleek, fast and has simply perfect lines. It also benefits from the innovation of the Formula 1 team, which made a superb mid-season comeback last year to finish among the leading teams!


Lincoln Nautilus 2024Photo: Lincoln

Lincoln Nautilus 2024
Photo: Lincoln

At Lincoln, it’s the Nautilus 2024 that’s in the spotlight! Its sophisticated design captures the imagination. Both drivers, with the huge screen superbly integrated (if the small screen had also been integrated in the same way, it would have been perfect. . .), and passengers will discover comfort, revitalization and connectivity in a new way in this 2024 edition. What’s more, the addition of a hybrid powertrain as an option on all models shows Lincoln’s somewhat slow journey towards electrification. But if the L 100 Concept is anything to go by, it’s a future that will come as a pleasant surprise.


Lexus GX 550 Overtrail 2024Photo: Lexus

Lexus GX 550 Overtrail 2024
Photo: Lexus

Lexus is a little behind on the electric front. Its Toyota division seems to have moved into the fast lane. On the other hand, the GX 2024 is the Canadian premiere! It’s almost in the Land Rover or Land Cruiser range from Toyota, Lexus’s sister company, so much so that it seems designed for off-roading. Its powerful 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 engine produces an impressive 349 hp and has a towing capacity of 8,000 lb. It surely will meet your expectations. What’s more, the RX 450 h+ plug-in is a great new feature from Lexus that deserves to be highlighted. A step in the right direction for the years to come, but we’ll definitely have to work harder.


Lamborghini Huracán SterratoPhoto: Lamborghini

Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato
Photo: Lamborghini

Finally, Lamborghini dealer John Scotti presents the Huracán Sterrato, a model that explores a new frontier in driving pleasure, designed to push the limits when the asphalt stops. The super sports car is equipped with a dedicated iteration of the LDVI system (Lamborghini Integrated Vehicle Dynamics), with specific Strada and Sport calibrations and the introduction of Rally mode. Like a work of art, it represents the cutting edge of innovation: the concept of a super sports car imagined in a radically new way. It is perhaps the most appropriate supercar for Quebec.

The Big No-Shows

Once again this year, a number of major manufacturers have decided not to attend the 2024 Montréal International Auto Show. Aston Martin, Bentley, Lotus, RIMAC, Rolls-Royce, Maserati, Polestar, Porsche and Wagoneer will all be in Toronto, either with a brand booth or represented by dealers. Or those that have made a complete break for Canada, such as Acura, Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Ferrari (where you can see a collector’s inventory for the second year running. . .) Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo.

The 2024 Montréal International Auto Show draws to a close on January 28. A great opportunity to see what’s coming to our roads in the next few years. Get your tickets here.

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