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Lincoln Corsair: On our way to Charlevoix!

Lincoln Corsair - Charlevoix - Cover

The Lincoln brand can, for many, be a brand that seems to be aging, or at least in their memories. It’s quite the opposite with the innovation you see with the Lincoln Corsair that I tried on a recent ski trip to Charlevoix. You can also listen to the music that followed us on the road by following this link.

Lincoln Corsair: Lincoln smallest SUV

Lincoln Corsair - Montreal to Charlevoix

Photo: Normand Boulanger for Gentologie

The Lincoln Corsair is a small SUV, the smallest in the Lincoln range, the latter is the evolution of the MKC model. Admit that it is much easier to locate the Lincoln Corsair in the Lincoln chessboard than the MKC, because if you are like me, you must certainly mix with the letters and everything.

So, it is from Montreal that my adventure with the Corsair begins. I plug my iPhone into the vehicle in question to have my Apple interface to see everything. That of the SYNC 3 system has improved a lot and will change a lot in the coming months too, but I have my habits with the Apple Carplay, note that users of Android phones can benefit from Android Auto in the Corsair vehicle.

Besides, the Waze application is, it seems, very well integrated in Lincoln vehicles, but not being a regular road user (I don’t own a car), so I don’t have this application on my phone, but be aware that it is standard. As an option on some vehicles, and standard on others, you can have the charging pad for your phone. This is really interesting, because the space for the telephone wire is a bit small and this allows you not to be disturbed by the different notifications since the phone in charge is stored in the armrest.

Lincoln Corsair: A connected vehicule

Lincoln Corsair - front

Photo: Normand Boulanger for Gentologie

Did you know that you can be connected wherever you go with the Lincoln Corsair? With Lincoln Connect technology, you are connected to your Lincoln Corsair via your mobile device when you have an active subscription. This is powered by a 4G LTE generation modem, and allows you to access practical information and functionality, such as remote start-up and maintenance data, through the Lincoln Way app on your smart phone.

The Lincoln Way app

Speaking of the Lincoln Way app, which I was able to test, it is a bit difficult to connect (I admit that I did not own the vehicle, so it may have made things a little more complex, but i ‘ve been successful after a few tries), but it’s really handy when the temperatures are really cold like in mid-February, since you can start your vehicle from the app. In addition, you can access the controls, settings and vehicle information from your phone. The latter can also act as a key with the application; it can also perform the traditional functions of the keychain such as unlocking, locking, remote start and access to the tailgate. It’s really handy for these remote functions.

The customization at the heart of the Lincoln Corsair

Lincoln Corsair - Mirror

Photo: Normand Boulanger for Gentologie

Before leaving, it is always important to adjust your mirrors, seat, steering wheel, lighting in your favorite color, etc., and you can memorize these different adjustments with personal profiles, which are up to 3, very practical when you stop at a hotel with valet service as during our stop at the Manoir Richelieu (article coming very soon). There’s also a valet mode, but I had nothing so personal in the vehicle to put it in valet mode. Besides, the Lincoln Corsair can recognize you via the key ring and set up your adjustments on your arrival.

On the road to Charlevoix with the Lincoln Corsair

Lincoln Corsair - Barn

Photo: Normand Boulanger for Gentologie

Keeping your eyes on the road is imperative when driving. The digital head-up display (optional) projects information relevant to your driving on the windshield of the Lincoln Corsair. The display is visible in virtually any lighting condition and can be read with polarized sunglasses, a big plus with the varieties of lenses available on the market. You can customize the data displayed, such as the optional adaptive cruise control settings, lane departure warning information and more.

Speaking of not being distracted on the road, feel free to discover the system’s quick responses to your voice commands, easily accessible from the steering wheel. You can find your favorite locations by simply entering the destination through optional navigation. Besides, you can control some of your favorite mobile apps using your voice while driving.

Safety at the heart of the Lincoln Corsair

Lincoln Corsair - Entrance light

Photo: Normand Boulanger for Gentologie

The Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 technology suite consists of five route guidance functions and is included as standard in all Lincoln Corsair models to give you more confidence on the road and a better perception of what is around you. Functions include blind spot detection (the small orange light flashing in the mirrors) with transverse traffic warning, precollision assistance with automatic emergency braking, lane keeping system (very useful if you are a little asleep, it will wake you up every time), the reversing camera and the headlights with automatic high beams.

Speaking of automatic high beams, Le Corsair lets you focus on the brightly lit road ahead with optional LED headlights that are as beautiful as they are practical. The brightness of the headlights gives the front of the vehicle superb depth and remarkable air. Beyond style, there are smart technologies that monitor and adapt to the road, pivoting the headlights in curves and providing a clear field of vision with speed-sensitive lighting. Very practical in a Charlevoix landscape with much less light in the evening than the big city of Montreal.

A great help to park

Migneron - Entrance

Photo: Normand Boulanger for Gentologie

Migneron - Wines and Cheese

Photo: Normand Boulanger for Gentologie

When you arrive at your destination, my first was the Charlevoix dairy and then the Migneron family, two cheese factories in Charlevoix, where I went to take some photos and look for some cheeses and other products to bring back as souvenirs, including the Charlevoyou wine, before check in at the Hôtel & Spa Germain Charlevoix. Even though I was at the start of the week during my stay, I was surprised to find many people in the parking lot, enough to use the Corsair’s various cameras to park. The latter widen the field of vision with a series of integrated cameras offering a “bird’s-eye view” which allows complete vision around the vehicle.

Lincoln Corsair - Tree with red fruits

Photo: Normand Boulanger for Gentologie

The system also offers a front or rear view, and a split front / rear view showing what is in front of or behind the vehicle, as well as views showing the direction of traffic. You can access all views by a button near the screen, which gives you increased visibility to ensure that most maneuvers are free of obstacles.

Migneron - Wines Charlevoyou

Photo: Normand Boulanger for Gentologie

Learn more on the Lincoln Corsair here

Find out more about my night at the Germain Charlevoix Hotel and Spa in the next article.

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