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Art is in Bakery: THE brunch to try in Ottawa!

Art Is In Bakery - Cover

While we are still on the weekend of the long Canada Day weekend, I take this opportunity to make you discover a brunch that is definitely worth seeing in the west of the national capital, that of Art is in Bakery.

Art is in Bakery

So having managed to find the place, it’s a little lost (and I lost myself), it’s a bit of a kind of industrial park, really not easy to find. On foot you have to go through a slightly dirty tunnel that was an old road. But after all that, we get to the Art-is-in Bakery, which I think is a place on the border between Brooklyn and Mile End. In short, very far from the clean places of the various hotels of the capital.

Art is in Bakery: Between art and bread!

When we enter this bakery, it is the smell of the bread that comes to us and that Art is in Bakery, is, first of all, as its name says, a bakery. The decor is quite simplistic, but studied with beautiful paintings that bring life to the gray walls.

Art is in Bakery - Smile

I advise you to go in a group to reserve your place because the Art is in Bakery fills rather quickly. So for the principle, there are two lines, one for brunch, and another for the bakery. Ideal for those who come to look for stuff for lunch. The menu is quite exhaustive, you will have the choice. So we place our order, and a bit like in many restaurants, you get a post with your number. It’s quite interesting to have a table service in such a populous space.

So, to follow my habit, I took the French toast. A huge portion. Delicious, with bacon. In short, we can not ask for more. All the portions I saw at the other tables were generous, and you can be sure of the fresh bread since we are in a bakery!

Art is in Bakery - French Toast

You want to know a little more, I invite you to visit their wonderful website.

How to get to Art is in Bakery

Art is In Bakery - Entrance

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 613-695-1226 x801
250 City Centre Ave. Unit 112,
Ottawa, ON K1R 1C7
Retail Counter: Bread, Pastry, Coffee
Monday to Friday: 7am – 5pm
Saturday: 8am – 4pm
Sunday: 8am – 3pmKitchen: Serving Food
Monday to Friday: 7am – 3pm
Saturday: 8am – 3pm
Sunday: 8am – 2pm
CLOSED on statutory holidays.
Want learn more about Ottawa, visit our Ottawa City Guide.

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