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FIOL Prosecco Rosé: The taste of Italy and its pink bubbles


While many of you are very familiar with FIOL (you can also discover our interview with one of the co-founders, Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo here), here is his colourful penchant, FIOL Prosecco  Rosé, has now arrived in Canada and Quebec.


Photograph: FIOL Prosecco

In this bottle with the iconic logo, you will find a refreshing, elegant and rich expression of FIOL, with fruity aromas of raspberries and wild strawberries, essays of citrus, lemon and white flowers, and a beautiful and persistent finish. A delight in the mouth and a perfect freshness for your different celebrations.

The vision behind FIOL Prosecco Rosé


Marzio Pol, the creator of FIOL Prosecco Rosé
Photograph: FIOL Prosecco

FIOL’s wine vision, flavour profile and quality control is overseen by Marzio Pol, an expert in the wine and sparkling wine industry, who with more than 50 harvests under his belt, has extensive knowledge advising prestigious wineries in Italy.

“The best raw materials, a careful dosage, the right amount of pinot noir in the assembly phase, and the perfect balance between acidity and sugars make FIOL Rosé a sparkling wine that stands out for its harmony, elegance and freshness”, precise Mr. Pol. He also add «while FIOL Prosecco extra dry is a sparkling wine that best represents the character of Prosecco, FIOL Rosé is more complex with an olfactory profile where the pinot noir recalls fruity notes of a variety of berries, and a floral note of rose, richer, and with a wonderful versatility to pair with food.”


Photograph: FIOL Prosecco

The method used to produce this wine is Charmat, a method that uses the same principles as the Champagne method (also called traditional) with, however, a major difference: the fermentation takes place in a tank under high pressure and not in the bottle, which allows the final clarification of the bulk wine. The grape varieties that make up this magnificent sparkling wine, Glera at 85% Pinot Noir, to give it its magnificent colour, at 15%.

You will discover, on the nose, fruity aromas of raspberries and wild strawberries with notes of citrus, lemon and white flowers. On the palate it will be the well-known refreshing and elegant expression of FIOL, with Pinot Noir shining through, highlighting a harmonious palate and a lingering finish.


Peaches, Strawberries and Burrata Salad
Photograph: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

Whether enjoyed by the glass or in a cocktail, FIOL rosé goes perfectly with a lazy Sunday brunch, afternoon bites, our Peaches salad that you saw up here or a light dinner. Whether by the ocean, at home or on a night out with friends, elevate your experience with the FIOL Rosé, making it the perfect sparkling crime partner for any celebration that requires a little extra. “Di non so che”.

To enhance the Prosecco FIOL Rosé experience, it is recommended to serve sparkling wine between 47° F – 50 °F (8° C – 10 °C) in a wine glass.

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