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Montréal exceptional wine bars to discover


As the period of big wine shows like the Grande Dégustation de Montréal, the Salon des Vins d’Autriche and many others come to an end, you are probably like me and want to taste wines before buying bottles in private importation or in the SAQ. We are lucky in Montreal, we are spoiled by the quality of the wine bars in the metropolis. They offer a great wine list, many of which are by the glass, especially in Private Import, and cocktails that vary from one establishment to another, in addition to an atmosphere and food that are worth the diversions. Whether you’re alone or in a group, at the bar or at the table, it’s good to be in these places where the welcome is comforting and time passes too quickly. I have had the privilege and the joy over the years of frequenting these must-see places and I highly recommend them. Discover with me the Montréal exceptional wine bars to try.

Here’s the list of Montréal essential wine bars

1 – Pullman

Pullman---Wine-Bar 13 Montréal essential wine bars

Photo : Pullman

** Pullman is closing on May 18, 2024 *** Possibly Montreal’s first vinothèque, a popular anchor point founded by Catherine Bélanger and Bruno Braën in 2004. A great offer of tapas, charcuterie or cheese, in addition to organic and natural wines (Véronique Dalle has signed the card for 12 years), including the trio of wines. Chic, cosy atmosphere on two floors with enveloping music.

3424, Avenue Du Parc
Montréal, QC H2X 2H5

514 288-7779


2- La Buvette Chez Simone

A legendary and lively place, founded in 2008 by Simone Chevalot, whom you will often find there, a varied offer of wines, cocktails and constant food. The huge bar is the focal point and the terrace fills up when the weather is good. If it’s full, the Bar à Flots is right next door to welcome you.

4869, avenue du Parc
Montréal, QC H2V 4E7

514 750-6577


3-  Verdun Beach


Photo : Verdun Beach

Philippe Jacquelin has achieved a feat of design with this guinguette. The wines and champagnes are really delicious too. And what about the food (the kitchen closes at 11pm), the original terraces in summer and the relaxed service by Charles Garant’s team. Dancing sometimes goes on late.

4816, rue Wellington
Montréal, QC H4G 1X4

514 370-2391


4 – Monopole


Photo: Monopole

Sommelier Gabriel Gallant and his wife Ngoc-An Trinh succeeded in their bet in 2017. To open a bar during the day that transforms into a wine bar until late at night! Very nice offer of organic and natural wines, wonderfully accompanied by tasty dishes in a charming setting. Also known for their delicious coffee.

782 rue Wellington (Old Montréal)
Montréal, QC H3C 1T7

514 504-9996


5 – Ratafia

Ratafia-Montréal---Antonius-Caviar ---13 Montréal essential wine bars

Photo: Ratafia

Originally a gourmet wine and dessert bar (see the Gentologie tour here), the offering is enhanced with impeccable savoury dishes. A wide range of wines, including oranges and ratafia, are served with flair. The terrace is original and a little exotic in summer. Everything to satisfy! A crazy wine club, the jajaclub, is held here on Wednesdays.

6778,  boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montréal, QC H2S 3C7

514 543-8033


6 – Le Roseline

Roseline---Wine-Bar---13 Montréal essential wine bars

Photo : Le Roseline

Come and forget all about it in this place with an atmosphere borrowed from chic New York bars, with its brown leather seats and uninterrupted jazz music, sometimes accompanied by a band. The food is impeccable and the wines are up to scratch, including several organic and biodynamic wines. A team, a place and a terrace of fire in summer!

5014, boul. Saint-Laurent
Montréal, QC H2T 1R7

514 544-6869


7 – Le Rouge Gorge


Photo: Le Rouge Gorge

A beautiful project initiated in 2015 by Alain Rochard and Laurent Farre and then Simon Perrotte. A splendid decor with its long Italian marble counter-bar and dynamic music until late. A kitchen of great inspiration piloted by André-Nicolàs Médina and a large wine cellar filled with treasures that in mild weather can be enjoyed on the terrace in summer. Le Royal, Rouge Gorge’s little brother, a speakeasy-style cocktail bar is just downstairs…

1234, avenue du Mont-Royal Est
Montréal, Qc H2J 1Y1

514 303-3822


8 – Bar Vinvinvin


Photo : Ménard DWorkind

A trendy bar with a sumptuous and friendly decor, designed by Ménard DWorkind, which was a great success from the start. An original idea by sommelier Nikolas Da Fonseca and his colleagues. It’s a lively place with a great offer of organic wines, especially European and Nordic. The food is tasty and affordable. All this to make you want to come back, including the large terrace on nice summer days.

1290 rue Beaubien Est
Montréal, QC H2S 1T9

514 379-6969


9 – Mon Lapin


Photo : Mon Lapin

An unparalleled experience in a warm and intimate place, you are more in a restaurant than a bar to be honest, that’s what this team wants us to experience with exceptional service, friendly and delectable dishes, as well as an organic wine list selected with passion and taste. With its incredible menu, it deserves its place among Montréal exceptional wine bars in Montreal.

150, rue Saint-Zotique E.
Montréal, QC H2S 1K8

514 379-4550


10 – Les Cavistes


Photo : Les Cavistes

Moving from rue Saint-Denis to rue Fleury has proved to be a success for this wine bar and wine shop. One of the few addresses open at lunchtime with a table worthy of a good French brasserie. Superb offer of delicious organic wines and attentive service in a bright decor.

196, rue Fleury Ouest
Montréal, QC H3L 1T5

514 508-5033


11 – Vin Papillon


Photo: Vin Papillon

A very busy place from the moment it opened, which had to double its space, note that it is part of the Joe Beef group. Impressive vegetable based dishes and a multitude of organic, natural and biodynamic wines served in a very warm atmosphere.

2519, rue Notre-Dame Ouest
Montréal, Qc H3J 1N4
514 439.6494


12 – Bazarette


Photo : Bazarette

I was impressed when I visited 3 years ago, this place was beautiful with high ceilings, and the selection of imported wines and food was up to expectations. Right next to the Bell Centre! It is currently only open to ticket holders on game nights and events.

1909, avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal
Montréal, QC H3B 4C9

514 989-2800

Site web

13 – Bar à vin Place DesChamps


Photo: Place DesChamps

A chic lounge-bar located in an arts centre with a bright open-plan atmosphere, a beautiful organic wine list and attentive service as well as impeccably fresh food. Everything for a different experience in the middle of the Quartier des spectacles. A beautiful place located in Place des Arts to conclude this list of Montréal exceptional wine bars

175, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest
Montréal, QC H2X 1Z8

514 564-3155


We are certainly missing some among this selection of wine bars, but don’t hesitate to suggest some on our social networks or by email!



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