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Negroni Week, to celebrate the legendary Italian cocktail


Campari, Italy’s iconic red aperitif, team up with Imbibe magazine to present Negroni Week, celebrating the iconic Negroni cocktail – a perfect blend of Campari, gin and red vermouth. For seven days, hundreds of places on the planet celebrate the Negroni cocktail, which dates back more than 100 years. In 2022, The Negroni Week is celebrating its 10 years!

Donations to charities

Negroni Week 2018 Logo

With the modern cocktail movement continuing to grow, the annual event has grown every year. Starting with 100 participating bars in 2013, this week has grown to approximately 120 participating venues at over 12,000 venues around the world, and to date they have collectively raised almost $ 3 million for charity.

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the event, and in an effort to transform Negroni Week’s giving in a way that allows the initiative to have the biggest impact possible in the most sustainable way possible, they are excited to announce that it will have a single global nonprofit partner: Slow Food.

The Slow Food Negroni Week Fund will contribute directly to Slow Food’s international projects, while supporting the hospitality community, preserving cultural and biological diversity, and promoting food and drink education through knowledge exchange. With the growing challenges facing the hospitality world, their work is more essential than ever. This year, 2022, marks not only the tenth edition of Negroni Week, but also the rise of the Negroni to the status of the world’s best-selling cocktail. What a way to celebrate an anniversary that is all the more remarkable! Negroni, a cocktail that inspires passion for change, is the perfect drink to raise a glass to such an important cause.

What Negroni Week Will Offer You

Negroni Week 2018 - Negroni

No matter where you choose to enjoy it, you will have the chance to experience unique events and experiences and the best Negronis made by world famous bartenders. Following the success of its introduction in 2017, Campari’s bartending sessions will continue with the world’s best bartenders, including bartenders from Red Camp, who have been the focal point of the Campari Red Diaries global campaign launched earlier. this year. The bartenders at Red Hand, and many others around the world, will showcase their talents by creating classic Negronis as well as creative variations – all with Campari at the forefront, as the defining ingredient of the cocktail.

The other essential ingredients of the famous cocktail, Bulldog Gin and Cinzano Red Vermouth, are the essential ingredients of Negroni Week, which form the ideal line-up for all Negroni.

There is no Negroni without Campari

As a globally consumed classic cocktail, the prestigious IBA Official Drink List states Campari is the key defining ingredient.


  • 1 oz. Campari (in SAQ or LCBO)
  • 1 oz. Gin (With Bulldog Dry Gin in SAQ or LCBO)
  • 1 oz. Sweet Red Vermouth


  • Pour the ingredients directly into an old-fashioned glass filled with ice
  • Stir gently
  • Garnish with half an orange slice

See the Jerome Laflamme version for Gentologie

Negroni Week, how does it work?

Negroni Week is a charity program that puts the power of fundraising in the hands of participating barmen, their bars and Negroni drinkers around the world. Participating sites will donate a portion of Negroni cocktail sales and related items to more than 40 charities, so why not say “applauding charity” and tasting cocktails like no other.

For more information on participating local bars and what’s happening in your area during the 2021 Negroni Week, visit the Negroni Week website.

The 2022 Negroni Week is happening from September 12 to 18.

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