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Visit to the Humaniti Hotel Montréal, an Autograph Collection hotel


Open since 2021 at the crossroads of the Quartier international, the Quartier des spectacles and Old Montréal, Humaniti is the tallest mixed-use complex in Montréal. It includes a luxury hotel (Humaniti Hotel), rental units, restaurants (including Restaurant H3), boutiques and public spaces. I discovered the Humaniti Hotel Montréal in the summer of 2021, and I’m telling you about it today. Yes, I know, I’m a bit late, but with COVID and the closures that took place at the time, I’d forgotten.

Humaniti Montréal, an Autograph Collection Hotel, member of the Marriott group


A room with a King bed Photo: Humaniti Hotel Montréal


Details of the magnificent light fittings
Photo : Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

Simple yet sophisticated, this hotel is the first Autograph Collection by Marriott hotel in Québec Province, as well as the Muir in Halifax. This new hotel has 11 floors that are suspended above a cantilevered structure, joining Humaniti’s residential and commercial spaces, while completing the complex’s unique “h” shape. Note that you are not in the highest space of the complex, which is reserved for rentals and condominiums.


One of the Hotel hallway
Photo: Humaniti Hotel Montréal

As soon as you walk through the doors, you’ll be seduced by the boldness of its architecture and its unique interior spaces, the lobby already transports you elsewhere and you can also smell the bread from the Boulangerie Ange, located right on the complex. Check-in is seamless and the lift is just a few steps away, in a slightly more eclectic decor.


A suite with an office
Photo: Humaniti Hotel Montréal


The dining room of one of the suites with the living room in the background
Photo: Humaniti Hotel Montréal


The living room in one of the suites
Photo: Humaniti Hotel Montréal

Inside the hotel, two design themes come together: the bold geometry of Humaniti’s cutting-edge architecture, and the calm, restful feel that conveys the concept of humanity. This dual theme is best expressed in the lobby, where a twisted chandelier evoking the sinuous shape of a DNA fragment beautifully complements the high ceilings, geometric floors, striking ceiling pattern and linear gilded partition. The sculptural works of art in the lobby also express this contrast between geometry and humanity.


The shower in one of the room
Photo: Humaniti Hotel Montréal


The vanity in one of the suites
Photo: Humaniti Hotel Montréal


The bath and shower duo in one of the suites
Photo: Humaniti Hotel Montréal

The rooms are well appointed and comfortable, although small, at least for the one I tried, but the layout is perfect and you don’t need more if you’re a single person or a couple, they obviously have larger rooms as well as suites which I didn’t visit, though, we were still in the semi-COVID period when I stayed. The colour palettes consist mainly of rich shades of yellow, evoking joy and spontaneity, and providing light, and teal, more serene and restful, which will make for a more than welcome night’s rest, in a bed that is extremely comfortable, so much so that it could make you miss breakfast (if that’s the case, there’s the Boulangerie Ange on the ground floor)! The geometric patterns found in the rooms, both on the carpet and in the bathroom tiles, recall the architecture of the entire Humaniti complex and its logo. These elements contrast vibrantly with more fluid design elements such as nature-inspired artwork and sculptures evoking the shapes of the human body. On the amenities side, you’ll find a Nespresso machine, BeeKind products (not to be confused with the Montréal-based BKIND products found in the spa), dressing gowns and more. . . And it would be hard to forget the magnificent natural light coming in from the carefully placed windows. We’re not so keen on the concrete beams that run through the interior, reducing the space.

Off to the fitness centre and swimming pool


The pool
Photo: Humaniti Hotel Montréal

As soon as I arrived, running was on my mind, so I went to the designated area, called Hyper Gym (the room is on two levels), and off I went. The room is bathed in light, with state-of-the-art machines from German brand NOHRD, including a curved manual treadmill that really made me sweat. The idea is that you move the treadmill forward, so if you’re not running, nothing happens, as well as cardio bikes, yoga mats, bodybuilding equipment, free weights and so on. Anyway, I did my 5 km and then went back to my room to change before heading to the pool.


The Terrace h3
Photo: Humaniti Hotel Montréal

The pool is on the same floor as the fitness centre, a stone’s throw from terrace h3. It’s not very deep, but you can do lengths in it and when I went in, the water temperature was a bit cold, but it seems to be heated now. There’s a second one further up, but it’s reserved for residents of the complex. Speaking of the h3 terrace, what a great place for a wild evening! The cocktails are delicious, the food is impeccable and the view over the entrance to Old Montréal is sublime, and in the sunshine, it’s paradise! A great way to start a meal at h3!


Wine glasses bearing the hotel’s logo, perfect for an aperitif in your room
Photo: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

A dinner at Restaurant h3 of the Humaniti Hotel Montréal


The Restaurant h3
Photo: Humaniti Hotel Montréal

If you’re familiar with the restaurant Le Coureur des Bois, it’s the same chef who is at the helm of the Restaurant h3, Jean-Sébastien Giguère. Seasonal cuisine (the same theme as his book) is in the spotlight, as are maple products, and there’s no white sugar on the menu.


The bar of the Restaurant h3
Photo: Humaniti Hotel Montréal


The Cellar at Restaurant h3
Photo: Humaniti Hotel Montréal

The meal (complimentary, as was a major portion of the stay), with wine and food pairings, was incredible, freshly caught Gaspésie tuna as well as some of the chef’s specialties. It would be hard to miss the incredible wine cellar, which includes a table where you can eat (it’s a bit chilly, though) and bottles you can’t find anywhere else. In short, a simply perfect evening from starter to dessert.


The lounge h3
Photo: Humaniti Hotel Montréal

You’ll also find the h3 lounge, where on certain evenings you can find a band playing live music. It enhances the atmosphere and adds to the warm personality of the hotel.


My breakfast delivered by room service
Photo: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

If you prefer to eat in your room, room service is also available. Quebec grocer Avril has also opened its first branch on the island of Montréal in the complex. A wonderful addition to the hotel and for the people of Old Montréal, where there are few grocery shops.

A day of relaxation at the Spa Humaniti


The Spa Humaniti
Photo: Humaniti Hotel Montréal

After a wonderful night and a hot shower, I decided to try the spa, chose the manicure (my first ever and no I didn’t put any colour on), and it was a totally amazing experience.


The manicure at Spa Humaniti
Photo: Humaniti Hotel Montréal

It can sometimes be embarrassing to enter a nail salon, but this place was so peaceful, non-gendered, reflecting the atmosphere of the hotel, calm, professional, in short, nothing to complain about, I loved my experience, I’d have to go back again.


A treatment room for a massage at Spa Humaniti
Photo: Humaniti Hotel Montréal

It’s already time to leave. The checkout went off without a hitch and it was a wonderful, relaxing and rewarding stay at the Humaniti Hotel Montréal.

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