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Commis – Foodies Learning Space: New learning space for the food lovers

Established recently in the heart of the village of Saint-Lambert, on the South Shore of Montreal, also known as the town where there is the Espace Ricardo, Commis – Foodies Learning Space has been designed to offer gourmands and gourmands a stimulating environment Which facilitates learning.

Commis – Foodies Learning Space: A multidisciplinary space that creates unforgettable culinary experiences.

The three business friends, Annie Vanier, Mathieu Lavoie and Benoît Legendre, accompanied by a multitude of professional chefs, have created a place where it is now possible to bridge the gap between lovers of good food and passionate chefs. For, let’s face it, we are so busy in our lives today that we spend more time browsing the cookbook than doing it, often due to lack of time, but more frequently For lack of confidence in our talent.

Commis - Foodies Learning Space- Sugar Shack Brunch 

Sugar Shack Brunch

And that’s why places like Commis are good, to put the expertise of chefs to our profit. And it is in this place of exchange that you will be able to deepen your knowledge in cuisines and the arts of the table through a direct and personalized link with the chefs, the professionals of the kitchen and the gastronomes to the look of the latest trends Food.


Commis – Foodies Learning Space: A pleiad of opportunities around the pleasure of eating

Kitchen Classes

Commis - Foodies Learning Space Miss Sushi à la Maison

Miss Sushi à la Maison Sushi Class

Famous contributors such as Miss Sushi at home (of which I will be participating this weekend and which I will talk about again), Jonathan Rassi of the restaurant Les 400 coups and Natacha Lehmann, pastry chef of the Montreal Plaza, Will share their expertise and great gastronomic secrets in courses accessible to all, whether you are beginners or advanced, vegetarians, carnivores, and even to introduce your children to the kitchen.

Culinary Experiences

Commis - Foodies Learning Space - Food styling

Food styling with Chef Johanne Depelteau

The unique experience of developing a unique meal under the supervision of a chef. The perfect union of learning by observation and participation, entering the bubble of the chef, in an intimate and warm atmosphere. Like this workshop with culinary stylist Johanne Depelteau.


A boutique space offers a wide range of specialized books as well as several kitchen items used by Commis – Foodies Learning Space chefs.


Commis - Foodies Learning Space-Kitchen Aid kitchen

The magnificent Kitchen Aid kitchen

It is possible to rent the beautiful space made by Kitchen Aid to meet various needs.

You are invited to enjoy the experience to live a convivial and memorable moment with family, couple, friends and even with colleagues of office. And why not build ties with its customers by making a corporate event tailored to it? All the details are on their website.

Commis Apprentissage Gourmand
463 Victoria
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