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Wines and Spirits for the Holidays by Gentologie


Here is Gentologie’s selection of wines and spirits for the Holidays season. Don’t forget to not drink and drive!

Wines and Spirits for the Holidays by Gentologie

The Spirits

Highland Park Cask Strength No. 4

Highland Park Cask Strength No. 4

Highland Park Cask Strength No. 4

This fourth edition has been matured predominantly in first-fill European oak casks seasoned with sherry, as well as first-fill American oak casks seasoned with sherry, a small number of filler casks, ex-bourbon casks and, for the first time, ex-Port casks. Bottled straight from the cask, with no water added to reduce the alcohol content, the Cask Strength series blends the traditional craft of whisky making with a modern approach to flavour exploration.

Cask Strength No. 4 opens with seductive aromas of warm, pleasant notes; the aromatic peat smoke, due to the influence of the old port casks, also reveals a delicious touch of spice with a hint of caramel. The long finish reveals spices before a peaty finish.

2- The Dalmore 12 


The Dalmore 12

A perfect Scotch whisky for beginners. An exceptional single malt from the Highlands matured in old American white oak casks and finished in rare, aged sherry Oloroso casks. We love its touch of orange, vanilla and chocolate—perfect for the festive season. For an extra touch, try Port Wood or Sherry Cask Select. Try it in your Manhattan!

3 — Glenfiddich 15 


Glenfiddich 15

This single malt is perfect for drinking neat or in cocktails. With its warm notes of spice and honey, it’s a pure luxurious whisky that’s perfect for the festive season, and will also be appreciated in cocktails such as Glenfiddich Gold Rush.

4 — Laphroaig 10 


Laphroaig 10

For peat lovers. The original expression of Laphroaig. This is the basis of their whiskies created to bottle the nature of Islay. Expect a big hit of peat, slightly salty seaweed notes and surprising sweetness.

5 — Val Ambré 8 ans du Domaine Acer 


Val Ambré 8 Year Old from Domaine Acer

A liquid to discover. Made from maple syrup, this liqueur is simply delicious. Mild and easy to drink, it’s perfect after a day spent outdoors or an evening by the fire. At the Salon des métiers d’arts du Québec at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal until 17 December. Get your hands on their sparkling wine too!

6 — Angel’s Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in Port Wine Barrels


Angel’s Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in Port Wine Barrels

Surprising. This port-finished bourbon is unlike any other. It is aged for four to six years in new American white oak casks, and then stored for a further six months in port casks, imported from the Douro region of Portugal. With this versatile flavour profile, it can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail. It makes an ideal gift for the bourbon lover who wants to explore. In cocktails, compare versions of the Manhattan with The Dalmore.

7 — PUR Vodka Bloody Caesar 


PUR Vodka Bloody Caesar

A brand new product from the Duvernois team. Top-quality ingredients for an exceptional vodka. From cold-extracted tomato paste and citrus extracts to Worcestershire sauce, clams (yes, we’re in Canada here) and, of course, the emblematic Montréal steak spices! Available exclusively in the SAQ.

8 — Patrón El Cielo 


Patrón El Cielo 
Photo: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

Patrón’s top range. A fine, smooth and beautifully crafted tequila. Enjoy it on the rocks.

9 — Malfy Gin Rosa with Grapefruit


Malfy Gin Rosa with Grapefruit

This grapefruit gin is sure to take you back to Italy, where it’s a favourite in Eataly concepts! Enjoy it as a gin and tonic, with a grapefruit tonic for even more flavour.

10 — Disaronno Velvet 


Disaronno Velvet

This almond cream is just the thing for the festive season, but it’s also perfect for summer. It’s sure to become one of your favourites. For a change, Tia Maria Matcha is also a very surprising product for tea lovers.

11 – Grant’s Triple Wood 12 


Grant’s Triple Wood 12

Another whisky, that’s the gentlemen in us! Many whiskies get their flavour from a single cask, but Grant’s Triple Wood 12 is matured in three different types of wood: the sherry cask offers the robustness of mild spices, the American oak lends a subtle vanilla sweetness and the old Bourbon cask brings the sweetness of brown sugar, resulting in a rich, complex vanilla flavour. In short, it will be perfect under the tree in its elegant bottle.

12— Tres Generaciones Tequila 


Tres Generaciones Añejo Tequila

Good news for Margarita and Paloma lovers: a new top-of-the-range tequila has just hit shelves across Canada! Tres Generaciones and its two iconic expressions—a crisp Plata and a smoky Añejo—are the perfect spirits for those looking for an ultra-sweet cocktail base or a refined tequila to sip.

Tres Generaciones builds on a deep-rooted history of incredible heritage, paying homage to three exceptional Dons whose dedication and distilling expertise propelled them to new heights of innovation. It is made from 100% freshly pressed blue agave, distilled “three” times, and has continued to be made in the same distillery—La Perseverancia—since 1873.

13 – Tanqueray Gin № 10 


Tanqueray Gin № 10

A top-of-the-range citrus gin, the favourite of gentleman Stanley Tucci. Perfect for gin and tonics! One of our Gentologie top selections.

14 — Distillerie 3 Lacs Vodka 


Distillerie 3 Lacs Vodka

A sweet vodka, perfect for those who don’t like the taste of vodka. It can easily be drunk on its own over ice or in your favourite martini.

15 – The Macallan 12 Double Cask 


The Macallan 12 Double Cask

James Bond’s whisky, although not a 1962 version as in James Bond’s Skyfall , this one is an excellent introduction to the world of The Macallan. With the House style and the characteristic sweetness of American oak. This is a perfectly balanced, full-bodied single malt with flavours of honey, citrus and ginger. Perfect for celebrating Christmas by the fireside.

16 — Appleton Estate 8 year old Rum


Appleton Estate 8 year old Rum

A classic from the Appleton range. With its aromas of spiced fruit, notes of honey, vanilla and orange peel, not forgetting its festive spices, it’s perfect as a gift or to keep for yourself!

17 — Grand Marnier Cuvée du Centenaire 


Grand Marnier Cuvée du Centenaire

Cuvée Du Centenaire celebrates the 100th anniversary of Maison Marnier-Lapostolle, founded in 1827. It is made from XO cognacs from the finest vintages in the Cognac region—mainly Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne—aged in Tronçais oak casks at the prestigious Château Grand Marnier in Bourg-Charente. The result is a delicate, rich, fine and complex liqueur with flavours of candied orange and aromas of old cognac. Enjoy without ice in a cognac glass.

18 — Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal 


Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal

After cognac liqueur, cognac. A real delight! Easy to drink, your guests will be asking for more! We love the smooth, woody flavour of this product, created as a tribute to the “Accord Royal” granted by Louis XV to Rémy Martin in 1738, recognizing the excellence of the House’s expertise.

19 — MissMosa Orange Sparkling 


MissMosa Orange

A newcomer to the Quebec ready-to-drink market in large format. As the name suggests, it’s a mimosa in a bottle. It’s perfect for brunch. We love its beautiful colour, which brings life to the table.

20 — Basil Hayden Bourbon


Basil Hayden Bourbon

Another bourbon we love! With its charred wood flavour, complemented by sweet brown sugar, a touch of black pepper and dried fruit to round it all off. The finish is woody with added dried fruit. The Golden Hour recipe has become a Gentologie classic.

21 — Poli Vermouth Gran Bassano


Poli Vermouth Gran Bassano

If you’re looking for a different touch in your Negroni, this vermouth is really delicious. It’s impossible not to enjoy it, and what’s more, the bottle is magnificent! A great gift to give or to give yourself.

22 — Noilly Prat Extra Dry


Noilly Prat Extra Dry

Martini lovers, you need this vermouth. It’s one of the best on the market and perfect in a Vodka Martini. Keep it in the fridge!

23 — Vodka Caviar by JCB Collection


Vodka Caviar by JCB Collection

A vodka with a surprisingly salty taste. It is filtered with caviar. The result is superb and delicious. Delight, perfect for your top-of-the-range evenings.

24 — St-Rémy Signature Brandy


St-Rémy Signature Brandy

Who doesn’t love a brandy during the festive season? This is the perfect spirit! We love the spicy notes that its first maturation in new oak barrels brings, as well as the roundness and sweetness added by the second maturation in traditional barrels that balances the blend.

25 – Johnnie Walker Blue Label


Johnnie Walker Blue Label


After visiting Johnnie Walker’s house on Princes Street in Edinburgh, we can only suggest that you buy the quintessential Scottish range. You or the person you’re giving this gift will be in heaven. Enjoy with friends.

26 — Hendrick’s Flora Adora


Hendrick’s Gin Flora Adora


For a touch of summer in the festive season, take this exceptional product into the garden. Make the Garden Cup (recipe here) for your guests and they’ll be delighted!

27 — Glenmorangie 10 


Glenmorangie 10

The 10 Year Old remains the classic, even with its new packaging, with its aromas of orange, vanilla and peach that link it to the colour as much as to the giraffe, the symbol of the brand that takes its reference to the fact that the company uses the highest stills in Scotland, the same impressive height as the great African animal, which leaves more room for the taste and aromas, according to Glenmorangie.

28 — Ardbeg Heavy Vapours


Ardbeg Heavy Vapours


Welcome to the realm of peated Scotch. Discover an explosion of bitter sweetness and notes of cardamom, peppermint and coffee. Dark chocolate and minty eucalyptus are also present, revealing the fruity and floral notes usually found at the heart of Ardbeg. On the palate, it’s aniseed and cinnamon. Limited edition.

29 — Campari and/or Campari Negroni 



A classic for your Negroni! There’s no Negroni without Campari, as the saying goes! With its magnificent new bottle in homage to the city of Milan, it will be a star in your bar! If you’re too lazy, the ready-to-drink Campari Negroni (just stir it over ice) will be just as delightful!

30 — Bombay Citron Pressé


Bombay Citron Pressé

What a discovery! You can taste the lemon in this exceptional product. It contains real lemons and is simply delicious. Check out this recipe to make with the product!

31 – Bowmore Timeless 29 Year


Bowmore Timeless 29 Year

Bowmore Timeless 29 Year Old was created from a combination of exceptional sherry-seasoned European oak casks and ex-bourbon American oak casks filled in 1991 and 1992. The result is a rich, deeply sweet expression characterized by dark fruit aromas such as sherry-soaked sultanas, cocoa, bitter orange, cherry blossoms and liquorice, harmoniously balanced by contrasting notes of peat and sea salt. Inspired by the classic shape of an hourglass, this bottle, enclosed in a distinctive black box, is accompanied by an hourglass. When inverted, the grains of bran count down three minutes to savour the perfectly balanced aromas of this masterpiece that has been decades in the making.

Available in ultra-limited editions in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick.

31 — J. P. Wisers, the Canadian Whisky 


J.P. Wiser’s 18 Years Old

A number of products from Canada’s most famous whisky have been given a makeover this autumn, and we’re waiting for an update on the older whiskies. What could be better than to offer this classic, with its little gems like the 15 and 18 years old that can still be found in some liquor stores across the country? Not to mention its special editions in tribute to former hockey glories! It’ll be perfect for watching the World Junior Hockey Championship with your family!

The Wines

1— LAN Gran Reserva 2016


LAN Gran Reserva 2016

We have not yet tasted this wine and would be delighted to share it with you. But it was sent to us saying that it is recommended for grilled meat and fish dishes, as well as with all types of cheese. The nose is said to offer intense aromas of ripe black fruit, figs and sultanas, combined with pronounced spicy and smoky notes. On the palate, harmony and balance prevail, accompanied by soft tannins that prolong the finish by intensifying the ripe fruit and spice flavours.

Dégustation à venir. 

2— Fontanafredda Serralunga d’Alba Barolo 2018

Fontanafredda-Serralunga-d’Alba-Barolo 2018---Wines-and-Spirits-for-the-Holidays-by-Gentologie

Fontanafredda Serralunga d’Alba Barolo 2018

When you think of festivities, you think of Barolo. Tasted at an event, this one is simply incredible. The colour is garnet red with ruby highlights. The nose is clean and intense, with notes of vanilla, spices and wood. On the palate, it’s dry but smooth, full-bodied, velvety, well balanced and very persistent. It is a perfect accompaniment to large red meats and medium or mature cheeses, and can also be enjoyed at the end of a meal.

3 — Ferrari Trento NV Brut


Ferrari Trento NV brut

Ferrari sparkling wine is a favourite at Gentologie. We were lucky enough to meet one of the owners a few years ago. You might call their products Italian “champagne,” but they’re made in the same way as their Champagne brethren. A quality product that has been sponsoring Formula 1 for some years now.

Look out for our champagne and sparkling wine guide coming out in the next few days!

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