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My highlights at The Fête des Vins du Québec!

If you read the blog regularly, you know that I love wine, and as we are in the big weeks of wine events in Quebec, I was in Complexe Desjardins for Friday for The Fête des Vins du Québec. I found several very interesting products and producers (Small note, media day should be longer in order to discuss with the producers before the public come in large numbers) and I wanted to share with you my highlights at the Fête des Vins du Québec, because I was really surprised by the quality of the products. I had the time to properly enjoy some white, but I will definitely buy red soon to try it more deeply.

1st choice of my highlights at The Fête des Vins du Québec


Highlights at The Fête des Vins du Québec - Chardonnay Réserve 2012

Credit: Domaine Les Bromes Léon Courville

Let’s start with a winery that is known as a leader in wines in Quebec, Le Domaine Les Bromes de Léon Courville at Lac-Brome, I’ve known this wine for a few years but I had not yet bought it, but enjoyed with friends.

Wine that threw by earth is the Chardonnay Reserve 2012 that I actually bought. This Chardonnay is a more present minerality but less buttered some Californian Chardonnay, which is not bad at all, which is developing a small side of citrus and apples making it a very fresh wine and magical! It retails at $ 24 online on the website of Domaine Les Bromes. I will certainly try their Pinot Noir soon, my favorite varietal in red.




2nd choice of my highlights at The Fête des Vins du Québec

Now for the bubbles, from Domaine Saint-Pétronille, The Brut Nature, a traditional method as in Champagne, one would think it almost so this wine is perfect with its hyper fine bubbles. What more? Oh yes, they do more bottles) Wine is only available to the domain.

[Small suggestion to the owners of Domaine Sainte-Petronille, the website is a little hurt, we would like to know a little more about the wines, there is no page for each wine, it is a mistake. And your url is meaningless.]

Highlights at The Fête des Vins du Québec - Brut Nature Domaine Sainte-Pétronille

Credit: Fête des Vins du Québec

3rd choice of my highlights at The Fête des Vins du Québec

Highlights at The Fête des Vins du Québec - Phénix Blanc

Credit: Vignoble Rivière du Chêne

I mentioned in my previous article’s on The Fête des Vins du Québec that I loved the William White from Vignoble Rivière du Chêne,  I found at their stand, the Phénix White, a very different wine. We find fine notes of vanilla, fruit, white flowers and hazelnut on the nose while the palate is rather round with a perfect fat. Balance is amazing on a final all in citrus and a touch of minerality.

You can buy the Vineyard, located in St-Eustache (which is certainly one that is closest to Montreal) or directly on their website at a price of 22$.




Grands Vins du Québec 2016

It’s Friday which was held – for the first time to the general public – the announcement of the winners of Grands Vins du Québec 2016. Presented by Société des alcools du Québec in collaboration with l’Association des vignerons du Québec, this competition rewards the best winemakers of Quebec for the year 2016.

Grand or Category
Vin de Glace – Vignoble du Marathonien
Vendange Tardive – Vignoble du Marathonien
Cuvée Glacée des Laurentides – Vignoble Rivière du Chêne
Vin de Glace Frontenac – Vignoble Coteau Rougemont.

Or Category 
Vin de Glace Vidal – Vignoble Coteau Rougemont
L’Orpailleur vin de glace – Vignoble de l’Orpailleur
Solyter – Vignoble de la Bauge
Cuvée Spéciale – Vignoble du Marathonien
Réserve Bout de l’île – Vignoble St-Pétronille
Cuvée 15e anniversaire – Léon Courville Vigneron
Marathonien Rouge – Vignoble du Marathonien
Vin Blanc – Vignoble Les Petits Cailloux
Vin de glace Frontenac Gris – Vignoble Gagliano
Monde Vin de glace – Vignoble de la Rivière du Chêne

Argent Category
Le Grand Coteau – Vignoble Coteau Rougemont
L’Orpailleur Blanc – Vignoble de l’Orpailleur
Barricato – Vignoble Gagliano
Le Sieur Rivard Réserve – Vignoble Le Mas des Patriotes
Côte d’Ardoise – Domaine des Côtes d’Ardoise
Rosé St-Jacques – Domaine Saint-Jacques
Atout Blanc – Vignoble-Cidrerie Château des Cartes
Blanc Brut 2013 – Domaine Bergeville
Prémices d’Automne Blanc – Artisans du Terroir
Côte d’Alban – Vignoble Le Mernois
Réserve Alexandre – Vignoble Isle de Bacchus
La Mansarde – Vignoble Le Mas des Patriotes
Le Chat Botté Rouge – Vignoble Le Chat Botté
Vin de Glace Vidal – Vignoble Coteau Rougemont
Versant Blanc – Vignoble Coteau Rougemont
Le 1535 – Vignoble Isle de Bacchus
Réserve Chardonnay – Léon Courville Vigneron
Vin Blanc – Vignoble Les Petits Cailloux
Riesling – Domaine des Côtes d’Ardoise
L’Orpailleur Rosé – Vignoble de l’Orpailleur
Tinello – Vignoble Gagliano
Le Graal – Vignoble La Halte des Pélerins.

Some of those wines are offered at SAQ.

I probably chatted too much with my friends  rather than taste more wines, but we made many interesting discoveries together. Personally, I think it is really relevant to this kind of living in all regions of Quebec to discover the wines Origin Quebec people here. An effort that the government should do its part to help the winemakers here.

Here,s a recap of the event if you miss it.


Source: Fête des Vins du Québec

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