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Intimate evening with Arboleda wines!

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to a party with some other blogging friends to discover the Arboleda wines. It was a very pleasant evening where I was welcomed incredibly by our hosts Maryline Demandre, Johanna Raynaud, Yann Janvier le Sommelier Moderne, the chef Olivier Racicot without forgetting Marta Bonomo, Brand Ambassador of Arboleda for a tasting of the products of the Chilean brand.

Vins Arboleda Wines 4

A beautiful night with Arboleda wines


It was in a private residence with a very modern look. We were welcomed as kings by starting with the magnificent Chardonnay 2015 (Offert en SAQ), a wine with a fresh nose, with a fairly present acidity. A perfect balance what! We then begin a blind tasting in order to find the different products that are proposed to us.

Next comes the Sauvignon Blanc, we found it, another product offered in SAQ and LCBO, at substantially the same prices as the Chardonnay. And with a fairly lemony wine, with nice notes of oranges and peaches we have the right to a wine quite lively and very pleasant on the palate. The palate is lively and lemony to attack, and reveals notes of orange peel and white peach.

The reds from Arboleda wines

We tasted 4 reds. The three below, and a Pinot Noir also. Of this lot, only Cabernet Sauvignon is offered in SAQ, while the LCBO offers in addition to Cabernet-Sauvignon, in Vintages section, the Carmenère, still in its Vintages section.

vins Arboleda wines 7


If you read me frequently, you are not unaware that I am a fan of Pinot Noir. That of Arboleda, not available in Quebec at present, is pure and fresh in the nose, of a magnificent cherry color. We also find these aromas of cherries in the nose. A very fresh and easy to drink wine.

The Carmenere is very interesting, it is a varietal that I knew little and which is similar to the Pinot Noir I mentioned earlier. With its purplish-red color, red pepper and spice aromas dominate. It is by its freshness and soft tannins that we confuse it with the Pinot Noir, another product not yet offered in SAQ, but only in LCBO on a 2010.

The 3rd, Syrah, we are in a wine with more structures, with fresh fruit very present. Very persistent in the final. A fairly complex wine. It is also not offered in SAQ and LCBO at the moment.

I spent the previous 3 reds fairly quickly because unfortunately they are not offered here yet. On the other hand, Cabernet-Sauvignon is on the shelves of the SAQ and the LCBO (2013). With its intense ruby color and deep, this wine lets us believe in a great intensity, which we can actually find in the nose with aromas of blackcurrant, tobacco and cherries. The mouth is more spicy, more pronounced making us discover a wine of medium to strongly strong. It is a wine with lots of textures, fresh and crisp!

Moreover this magnificent Cabernet-Sauvignon is offered in SAQ, with a bonus of 1000 points Inspire, which will give you 1 $ discount on a future purchase.

La paella vénitienne Vins Arboleda Wines 10

Venetian paella by Chef Olivier Racicot
Credit: RDPmag by Normand Boulanger

Vins Arboleda Wines 8

Few of the invited bloggers (you can see me on the left, in blue)

vins Arboleda Wines 9

Would you be able to do this blind tasting?

You can see the Arboleda portoflio in SAQ and LCBO 

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