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Nespresso Aged Sumatra, a new limited edition


Here is a novelty that will bring even more happiness to the more difficult mornings to come of autumn. The Nespresso Aged Sumatra, a limited edition coffee!

A video to present the Nespresso Aged Sumatra

In order to show it to you, we decided to make a little video to illustrate this magnificent coffee, and the pretty Riedel glasses!

In total, this is a launch for three new original blends, these are in addition to the existing ones from the Nespresso Master Origins collection. In addition to the Origin of Master Aged Sumatra, which is available in a limited edition on the Original and Vertuo systems, you will find two new uniquely sourced blends from Ethiopia and Costa Rica. As for the latter two, they will be added to the permanent line of Master Origins coffee, exclusively on the Vertuo system.

A limited edition direct from Indonesia


Credit: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

As one of the earliest recognized places on the planet to experience large-scale coffee cultivation, Indonesia’s Sumatra region is renowned for the quality of its coffee beans and offers a unique combination of body, depth and depth. flavor.

It is in the province of Aceh on the island of Sumatra, nestled at the top of Gayo Mountain, that skillful groups of coffee growers devote their expertise to an unusual process called giling basah. The latter involves removing the flesh of the coffee cherry as well as the parchment when the beans inside are still wet. This allows them to breathe and dry more easily.

Over the next 3 years, the grains are stored in breathable jute bags, with varying humidity levels, according to the rhythm of nature. These artisans take great care in continuously stirring the coffee beans to ensure even aging. The combination of the Indonesian giling basah method and the careful ageing process over several years helps develop the refined profile of this coffee.

You can expect a coffee with a spicy and woody character, with a velvety feel. Complex notes of cocoa and salted caramel are also present. To be enjoyed as an espresso.

Ethiopia and Costa Rica on the Vertuo system


Credit: Nespresso

Coffee farmers in western Ethiopia excel at the art of dry processing coffee. The coffee cherries are carefully cultivated and spread out on hanging beds under the intense tropical sun. The cherries are then continuously hand-turned for up to four weeks to ensure they are dried evenly, creating a unique, rich taste only found in this region.

This method has been used by Ethiopian farmers for longer than anyone in the world.

Find flavors of heady floral aromas and a slight hint of musk. For Vertuo system in Grand Lungo.


Credit: Nespresso

The second new product for the Vertuo system, also in Gran Lungo format, comes from the heights of the mountains of Costa Rica, where only a limited selection of Arabica coffee beans bathe in the hot springs of the rainforest.

The beans are then stored in a fermentation tank for 12 hours where the water cools and cleans them thoroughly, creating a remarkably pure and balanced taste.

Expect a full-bodied, yet velvety, artisanal coffee with sweet, slightly malty grain notes.

Order these different coffees nows! Also offered at  Nespresso boutique on Crescent Street which has recently had a makeover!


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