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Nespresso Barista Creations : The love of coffee and milk

Nespresso Barista Creations - cover

While we thought it was gone, here is a new collection, with the name Barista Creations, just appeared at Nespresso Canada. So I spoke with a Nespresso Canada coffee expert to find out more about the latter.

The R&D behind the Barista Creations

As the new Barista creations have just arrived, what was the process behind the creation of these new coffees?

Barista Creations was inspired by the know-how of the professional baristas, but also by a questioning regarding the expectations of our consumers as well as their motivation to drink their coffee with milk. Our coffee experts first consulted with consumers and, unsurprisingly, noticed that the preferences and ways of consuming coffee with milk differ for everyone. Only after understanding this, and taking into account the diversity of responses, did we begin the development of new blends specifically designed to be consumed with milk.

For six years, our team of roasters, sensory experts, professional baristas, scientists and food engineers, embarked on an exploratory journey where all our attention turned to the interactions between coffee and milk to create the best coffee blend to drink with milk. The result: the new permanent range of Nespresso coffee, Barista Creations, specifically developed for coffee recipes with milk.

The difference between the old (2017) and the new Collection (2019)

Nespresso Barista Créations - Original Line

The Original line of Barista Creations
Credit: Nespresso

What is the difference between this collection and the previous Barista collection?

The launch of the Barista Creations collection is the logical continuation of the Barista collection which was available in limited editions in 2017. The success of the Barista collection allowed us to perfect our research and development process to finally arrive with the result that the permanent Barista Creations collection. Finally, in our new collection, we added two coffees for the Vertuo system.

Regarding the different coffees, what are the main differences between the 3?

Nespresso Barista Creations - Original Line Chiaro

The Original Chiaro
Credit: Nespresso

With ultra-light roasting, Chiaro is perfect for sweet and sweet coffee and milk recipes.

Nespresso Barista Créations - Original Line Scuro

The Original Scuro
Credit: Nespresso

With its more intense profile, we put on Scuro to get a perfect balance between milk and notes of roasted coffee.

Nespresso Barista Creations - Original Line Corto

The Original Corto
Credit: Nespresso

The most powerful of the three, Corto has a syrupy texture. This coffee is ideal for recipes requiring a touch of milk.  

Nespresso Barista Creations: Now for Vertuo

Is it the same for the Vertuo, are they the same as the Original?

Vertuo Line Bianco Leggero

The Vertuo Bianco Leggero
Credit: Nespresso

Our Blends from the Barista Creations Collection are all treated differently. Bianco Leggero coffee is designed for those looking for a light coffee that will reveal hints of caramel.

The Bianco Forte coffee is for consumers who prefer a more powerful coffee whose taste will not be diluted, but rather balanced when milk is added.

And finally, what is the perfect match for each of the different capsules? eg: latte with Chiaro, etc.?

Vertuo Line Bianco Leggero

The Vertuo Bianco Forte
Credit: Nespresso


  • Chiaro: Cappuccino and latte
  • Scuro: Cappuccino and latte
  • Corto: Cortado and cappuccino


  • Bianco Leggero: Sweet double cappuccino
  • Bianco Forte: Reverso intenso 

Thank you very much for all those tips

You can buy the capsules at the Nespresso boutiques, including the renovated Crescent Street Flagship and online


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