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The Café Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur, Québec 3rd wave leader

Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur - cover

I remember the first time I enter in on of the Café Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur (micro-roaster in english) Coffee Shop, it was in Quebec City, ironically even if I stayed 15 minutes from Jean-Talon Market. It was, if I remember a cold autumn day, I was with my mother and we wanted to warm up. So we went in and had a coffee and a doughnut (ah, SUMO doughnuts). I will always remember that distinctive green cup, the taste of their coffees that immediately put a smile on your face with that cup of invigorating colour. I was also able to explore the branches of Verdun, Notre-Dame West, Station Square-Victoria, and the new one downtown, opened in February 2024.

The Café Saint-Henri, micro-roaster and coffee shop. 

Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur - Jean-Talon Market

Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur - Quebec City - Machine

The Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur in Quebec City

While the previous cafes, Krema and Cafellini, use the beans of established roasters, the Saint-Henri team visits one of their producers to choose the best batch of coffee from their favorite coffee region. These purchases at source provide them with unmatched quality and offer a Premium directly to the producer. But what will a premium tell me? Well this term corresponds to a minimum of 2 times the so-called “fair” salary. They also work with colleagues and / or private importers because some regulations make it very opaque or impossible to see the chain of custody, they precede this way in order to find you the best lots. They also work with some of the best cooperatives offering transparency and quality. The latter redistribute profits to their members and their communities equally, in addition to farming without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. In short, an excellent coffee that comes from flawless source.

But why the name Café Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur?

Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur - Logo

In fact, it’s pretty simple, this cafe was born in the Saint-Henri district, in the southwest of Montreal, it was then natural for them to take this name. Since it was the first branch, roasting place, packaging and a place of knowledge sharing where classes are given, it went hand in hand with the concept. As it was the first café, it has a slightly more artisanal atmosphere, like this former working class district where the famous Oscar Peterson, jazz pianists and Louis Cyr, Quebec’s strongman lived. You can sometimes get carried away by these jazz tunes when you make your order.

Want it at home? It’s possible!

Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur - Logo

Well yes, it’s possible. A variety of coffees are on sale online, and even courses as well as accessories that you can either have delivered or pick up at your favorite cafe. It’s not happiness that? In addition, you encourage a local business. It’s really good for entrepreneurship. In short, a long life at the Café Saint-Henri micro-roaster, who just changed their logo for something more up to date. We wish you more branches for people in the region.

Coffee Shops & Workshops of torrefaction of Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur

Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur - Quebec City Space

Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur Quebec City Space

The addresses

The most recent branch is at 1001 boulevard Robert-Bourassa, in downtown Montreal, a magnificent installation in this recently renovated building! A collaboration with Allied and Moment Factory.

  • Headquarters — Montréal —
    7335 rue du Mile-End
    Montréal, QC
  • Québec
    849 Saint-Joseph Est
    Québec, QC
  • Saint-Henri
    3632 Notre-Dame Ouest
    Montréal, QC
  • Jean-Talon Market
    260 Place du Marché du Nord
    Montréal, QC
  • Quartier Latin
    301-C1 Rue Émery
    Montréal, QC
  • Verdun
    4327 rue Wellington
    Montréal, QC
  • Square Victoria Metro (Tube/Subway) Station
    Montréal, QC
  • Downtown
    1001, Boulevard Robert -Bourassa
    (coin de la Gauchetière)
    Montréal, QC
  • Rosemont
    3353 rue Masson (MAESMI)
    Montréal, QC

Envie d’en savoir plus sur Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur? Visitez leur site internet!

Want to learn more about  Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur? It’s on their website. 

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