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Air Canada Signature Service: Up In The Air

Air Canada Signature Service Photo: Air Canada

As the editor-in-chief of Gentologie, I get to rub elbows at a ton of media shindigs, and many have me jet setting across the globe. This time around, Genesis threw me the keys to the high life with a Air Canada Signature Service (Air Canada Signature Class cabin, Air Canada chauffeur service and access to the Air Canada Signature Suite) for a Scottish adventure to Edinburgh. Let me tell you what my experience came down to.

The Air Canada Signature Suite in TorontoPhoto: Air Canada

The Air Canada Signature Suite in Toronto
Photo: Air Canada

Flying Air Canada Signature Service isn’t my daily bread, but it sure is a slice of the good life when it happens. I took the business class for short trips (Montréal-New York and Montréal-Toronto), but this is another world! It made my European escapade something to write home about, especially with the top-notch service that came with it. The pampering starts even before you buckle up. A few days out, you get to pick your main dish for the long-haul part of the trip—mine was a two-legger, Montréal to Toronto, then on to Edinburgh. They even include a vegan option. Before taking off to my last destination, I had the opportunity to lounge in style at Air Canada Signature Suite in Toronto, also offered at the Vancouver airport and other airports along your journey. It was in Toronto’s suite where I joined my fellow travellers, Mr. Dustin Woods from Genesis Canada, Mr. Justin Mastine-Frost from Sharp Magazine, and Mr. Mark Hacking, freelance journalist, for a quick cocktail before our flight to Edinburgh. Just a heads-up, they keep it classy and quiet in the Air Canada Signature Suite, meaning that there are no flight announcements.

A Private Transportation with Air Canada Chauffeur Service

The Air Canada Chauffeur Service Photo: Air Canada

The Air Canada Chauffeur Service
Photo: Air Canada

It’s also worth mentioning that, to my pleasant surprise, I was provided with a private transfer shuttle—in a Porsche Taycan—courtesy of Air Canada’s Chauffeur Service at Toronto Pearson Airport to get from terminal 1 to terminal 3. Air Canada is the only one who offers this perk to certain Signature Class globetrotters connecting to flights to Asia, Europe, or South America. A friendly Concierge Service agent met me right off my flight and zipped me to my next stop. It was a breezy ride, strictly following the 20 km/h speed limit, and I commend her professionalism behind the wheel. For your information, the transfer can be made in electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles, including the Taycan, Panamera, and Cayenne models. 

Furthermore, there’s even a secret VIP entrance for Air Canada Signature Class cabin that fast-tracks you to the plane’s front door. I must admit I wasn’t aware of this and so walked right past it (cue laughter). Once I finally settled into my Boeing 787-8 seat, Edinburgh-bound, I found an Acqua di Parma care package, which we detail more here, including over-ear headphones and a blanket. I was definitely set for a high-quality flight!

Air Canada Signature Service: High-flying action menu

A Glass of champagne chosen by sommelier Véronique RivestPhoto : Air Canada

A Glass of champagne chosen by sommelier Véronique Rivest
Photo : Air Canada

he hospitality started with a bubbly glass of Laurent-Perrier Brut, handpicked by celebrity sommelier Véronique Rivest. Dinner was a chef’s special from Air Canada’s culinary star David Hawksworth of Vancouver, with fellow chefs Jérôme Ferrer, from Montréal, and Vikram Vij, from Vancouver, rounding out the lineup. The kickoff was a toss-up between a hearty panzanella or fresh mozzarella with seasonal greens and warm bread.

For the main course, four options were available:

  1. AAA beef fillet with veal sauce, rosemary Ratte potatoes, zucchini, and sliced tomatoes
  2. Parmesan-crusted chicken with lemon caper butter, chive mashed potatoes, and green beans
  3. Italian cod fillet with olive salsa verde, saffron rice, cherry tomatoes, and roasted oyster mushrooms
  4. Mushroom ravioli with tomato and basil sauce.

For the grand finale, a selection of cheese and fruit was served along with a choice of dessert between fresh seasonal fruits and a coconut-passion fruit tart. I went with the latter accompanied by a second round of Laurent-Perrier. They keep the menu fresh with regular rotations, and you can even time your feast to fit your schedule, whether you want to focus on work or take a nap after takeoff.

Ready for the night

The Signature Class, its seats and screens.Photo: Air Canada

The Signature Class, its seats and screens.
Photo: Air Canada

Following this gastronomical experience, before I knew it, the clock struck 11 p.m. It was time to have a last drink and hit the hay, considering my wake-up call was about four hours away. The seat converted into a bed and it was simply perfect. It was very comfortable and I was even able to snuggle down under the blanket. Despite the short sleep, I woke up ready to conquer Edinburgh. I got woken up at around 4 a.m. to have breakfast. This consisted of fresh seasonal fruit, a parsley omelette, chicken sausage, cottage cheese, roasted potatoes, red pepper relish, yogurt, a croissant, butter, and jam. Quite the feast, I’ll tell you that! With a full stomach, I was set to discover Scotland! I also took the opportunity to send a text message to my mother via the free coverage for Aeroplan members—provided by Bell Canada—available on all Air Canada flights equipped with Wi-Fi.

The "sleeper seats" are perfect for privacy during a long journeyPhoto: Air Canada

The “sleeper seats” are perfect for privacy during a long journey
Photo: Air Canada

In conclusion, I must highlight the incredible professionalism and expertise of Barry, the attendant responsible for our section, and his crew. Their genuine eagerness to serve was the icing on the cake of an already fabulous flight. Even over the meal choices and all the amenities, the crew was the top highlight of my flight. Rightly or wrongly, some people have criticized Air Canada in recent months, but these crew members, like all the other employees, are at the heart of what shapes our experience on board. So, hats off to them!

The costs of this trip were paid by Genesis, and all opinions are the author’s unsponsored, genuine thoughts.

To reserve your seat in the Signature Class, follow this link!

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