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How to remain a Gentleman in times of crisis

How to remain a Gentleman in times of crisis - Christine Sandu - Unsplash

Writing is getting more and more difficult these days, I feel like not all of my words are useful. They don’t really serve the people. With Gentologie, we don’t tell anyone about the evolution of COVID-19, the newest Coronavirus. However, I believe that something can be done. This is why I write in front of my 42nd film since the beginning of the voluntary quarantine, how to remain a gentleman in times of crisis. Several tips may apply to you too ladies. To be a gentleman in 2020, we already had this article which we advise you to continue to apply.

I tell you right away, this article is nothing scientific and are just observations and personal opinions on how to act well. Also, you can encourage us by subscribing or by purchasing our most recent magazine.

Our advice on how to remain a gentleman in times of crisis

Stay in isolation

As much as possible, if you can, distance yourself socially. You may be feeling well right now, but the virus,  according toCBC, the incubation period, the time between infection and the onset of symptoms of the disease, is estimated between 1 and 14 days according to the estimates of the health authorities, in the present state of knowledge. You don’t want to cause the death of one of your grandparents, friends or immediate family members, so stay home as much as possible.

Stay clean

A gentleman in times of crisis remains clean. He washes his hands regularly for at least 20 seconds. If there is no soap available, he keeps his gloves or gets a hand sanitizer with a minimum of 70% alcohol. And take a shower regularly.

Help the elderly and those in need

If you are in excellent health and want to help, try contacting your older neighbors (elderly or not) to find out if they need help with their grocery shopping or other related task that you could do for them. Be careful not to put them, and put yourself in danger.

Take some news

Being isolated does not mean not having contact, on the contrary, call your friends, take and give news. Organize virtual work sessions via FaceTime or Skype. Write letters, emails. And you can, when everything is going to come together.

Stop the gathering

To remain a gentleman in times of crisis, reuniting with friends is probably the worst thing to do in these times of crisis. As I said earlier, the virus takes 1 to 14 days before the first symptoms appear. Among the people you may meet, chances are one of you will be infected with the virus, especially if someone in your group continues to live as if nothing has happened. It’s not time for intimate encounters either, they could prove fatal in the worst case.

Don’t travel

Unless I’m a doctor or a country leader, I’m far from certain that travel is necessary right now. Airlines and travel agencies make credits on your trips. If you leave, there is a risk that you cannot return for months. And it could cost you more than your salary for a quarter. In addition, you could bring the virus home. Quarantine is not a vacation period, quite the contrary.

Stop your outings

Do you want to go to a restaurant? It’s risky. If you have no choice, you can go, but be aware that there are risks. Prefer delivery or bring it. You will be safe and it will probably cost you a fraction of the price. Same thing for the SAQ or the LCBO, place your orders online. It’s less risky. Besides, the Hendricks Orbium returns to SAQ this March 19 again in limited quantity. You absolutely want to encourage your favorite restaurants, think of gift certificates, they will be effective now for them and you can use them later.

Buy only what you need

Be a gentleman in times of crisis, don’t take 14 times the amount of a product, don’t be that kind of person. Be respectful of everyone’s needs. And as memes tell on the web, if you need so many rolls of toilet paper, you have a problem and you should really see a doctor.

Educate yourself

Several digital books are offered free of charge during this crisis (and beyond). Go read or link classics of literature, or buy books (online or digital). You can also take free lessons to educate yourself in certain areas, whether it be computer coding, design software, a new language, photography, etc. Make good use of your time.

Find your passion

You are in a job that you like more or less, why not take some free time to find what you are really passionate about. Whether to live on it or to realign yourself when the crisis is over. I took inspiration for this last sectionin a recent video from the Canadian YouTuber Peter McKinnon.

Be careful and look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing you in our caviar workshop, when it can take place in a safer environment.

Resources to Remain a Gentleman in Times of Crisis of COVID-19, the Newest Coronavirus


On Government of Canada website

On Government of Québec website

Cover photo:  Christine Sandu on Unsplash


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