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The Best Bars for Father’s Day


While our article on the best restaurants for Father’s Day is here, we think it may be interesting to talk about the best bars for Father’s Day, to have an aperitif just before dinner. Whatever some offer interesting options. We are more into spirit bars in this article, but they also have a great wine selection for the most.

The Nacarat at Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, cocktails and luxury


Photo: Sébastien Dumont

For Nacarat this summer, you have two options depending on the temperature. If the weather is nice, the indoor bar is closed and everything happens on the terrace. If it’s raining, it’s the opposite. Either way, you will be winners. The Nacarat terrace, which celebrates its 5th anniversary in 2022, is, with its view of Place Ville-Marie, a must. The cocktails are good, the BBQ grill is perfect with choices that will satisfy the biggest appetites, not to mention the champagne that can flow freely.


Photograph: Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth

Reserve your place at Nacarat

The 132 Bar Vintage, Gold Mine in Ahuntsic


Photo: le 132 Bar Vintage

The passion of the owner, Mr. Jean-Maxime Giguère, for scotches, is matched only by his pleasure in sharing them with his customers. Moreover, every first Tuesday of the month, the team opens a rare bottle to share with their customers, at a competitive price. A magnificent little nest in Ahuntsic. Your father may find his new neighbourhood bar there.

Visit the 132 Bar Vintage

The Cloakroom, that Hidden Bar is one of the best bars for Father’s Day


Photo: Cloakroom

Welcome to the world of speakeasies. Hidden in the boutique of the same name on rue de la Montagne, this intimate little bar with fewer than 30 seats doesn’t really have a menu. Your father will be able to say what he likes and a cocktail will be made just for him. A great experience. Be patient and arrive early, it’s very small and the wait can be long.

Visit the Cloakroom

The Coldroom and the El Pequeño: Two Moods with Excellents Cocktails


Photo: El Pequeño

It’s hard to forget this duo. Another hidden bar, the Coldroom, where all the cocktails are delicious. It’s really in a basement, so your dad wouldn’t have to be claustrophobic. For the second, it is the smallest bar in Eastern Canada. Recently awarded 29th position among the 50 best bars in North America, you will certainly not be disappointed, especially if you are a rum aficionado.


Photo: Coldroom

Visit the Coldroom

Visit El Pequeño

Atwater Cocktail Club, a  Hidden Neighbourhood Bar with Awesome Food


Photo: Atwater Cocktail Club

The ACC might make you think it’s not the most masculine bar with its pink couches, but think again! The bar is impressive and it’s warm. You’ll love the banquettes that will transport your dad into a disco atmosphere. And when it comes to cocktails, it’s among the best places in Montreal. It is also related to the Foiegwa, so expect excellent food, but they don’t have foie gras.

Visit the Atwater Cocktail Club

Le Rouge Gorge, this spot on Avenue Mont-Royal is one of the best bars for Father’s Day

Bar Rouge Gorge

Bar Rouge Gorge secret bar area
Photo : Rouge Gorge

Another bar hidden in a magnificent basement on Mont-Royal Avenue this time. Little brother of the Rouge Gorge, wine bar located on the ground floor, the cocktails will satisfy your father. Another haunt for Scotch lovers.

Visit Le Rouge Gorge

Stilllife, a Different Menu for an Intimate Cocktail


Photo: Stilllife

More or less hidden bar in Old Montreal. Minimalist decor, but beautiful highlighting the bar. The place is very large and intimate at the same time. Originally created by the Cloakroom team. A nice cate of small starters.

Visit Stilllife

Le 4e Mur, did your Father ever want to be a Secret Agent?


Photo: Le 4e Mur

Welcome to the detectives’ secret bar (this will give you a clue how to find it). We find ourselves in the spirit of the 1930s with this bar where jazz and burlesque intertwine. Cocktails have always been the strong point of Le 4e Mur. Small, but oh so pleasant to meet there. You can also enjoy their magnificent terrace.

Visit Le 4e Mur

Club Pelicano,a Little Dip for Dad?


Photo: Club Pelicano

Your father is a fan of moving music? Paying homage to Paris’s Molitor swimming pool as well as Montréal’s abandoned public baths (it’s in a former swimming pool), this cocktail bar is the magnificent extension of Tiradito, a Nikkei-style restaurant serving Peruvian-Japanese cuisine. You are going to have a lot of fun.

Visit Club Pelicano

Nhâu, Asian Atmosphere and Frenzied Rhythms for Dad who Loves to Dance


Photo: Nhâu

The wonders of Asia can be discovered in this small, but oh so welcoming bar. It’s a trip to the Orient that your father will enjoy. In Old Montréal. Without forgetting the plates that come from the kitchen of the Hà restaurant, located just above. Not to mention the lively music of the various DJs who parade there.

Visit the Nhâu Bar

Dom Perignon Bar at Ritz-Carlton Montréal, the Classic for Lovers of Fine Champagnes and one of the best bars for Father’s Day


Photo: Ritz-Carlton Montréal

One of the rare bars with the effigy of the prestigious champagne in Canada. Located in the Palm Court of the Ritz-Carlton Montréal, this is undoubtedly the most glamorous bar-restaurant in the city. Treat your father to the Lounge Experience in collaboration with Dom Perignon. Why not stop later at Maison Boulud, as suggested in our article on the best restaurants for Father’s Day.

Visit The Dom Perignon Bar

Burgundy Lion, for the English lover, one of the best bars for Father’s Day


Photo: Burgundy Lion

Simply beautiful English pub. Perhaps less of a proper bar, but perfect for the lover of good beer and whiskey. The atmosphere is often heated, especially during English league soccer matches. Does your father dream of going to London soon? Give him that insight.

Visit Burgundy Lion

Whisky Café, Perfect for a Whisky with your Dad


Photo: Whisky Café

[Temporarily Closed – To reopen in 2024]

Welcome to the Ardberg Embassy in Montréal. You will find the rarest whiskeys in Montréal, exclusives that you don’t see anywhere else. The decor is probably not the most incredible, but the pleasure is found in the bottles. An institution for 30 years and one of the few cigar bars in Quebec.

Visit Whisky Café

jjacques, Host of Seafood Pairings and Cocktails for Your Father


Photo: jjacques

Hello Quebec! Set foot in this superb hybrid between hidden bar and restaurant! The cocktails are good, the oysters, the dishes, there is nothing that comes close. Your father will be satisfied. In lower town.

Visit jjacques

1608, THE Château Frontenac Bar, is certainly one of best bars for Father’s Day


Bar 1608 at Fairmont Le Château Frontenac
Photo: Fairmont

In terms of beauty, this bar is hard to match. The view is also magnificent. Located at the confluence of the Champlain and the Sam at the Château Frontenac, it can easily serve as a stopover for an aperitif. Take the opportunity to spoil your father with a glass of Louis XIII cognac accompanied by a delicious cheese.

Visitez le 1608

Bar Raval, A Spanish Bar in Toronto


Photo: Bar Raval

This Spanish-inspired bar located in Toronto is a must in the Queen City. Tapas, Jamon, not to mention the enormous and magnificent bar counter, you will not be disappointed with this getaway on the other side of the Atlantic.

Visitez le Bar Raval

The Louix Louis of St. Regis Toronto, Bring your father to Cloud 9


Photo: St. Regis

One can only exclaim at this space located on the 31st floor of the St. Regis Toronto. Here’s a place your dad is sure to love. They are sums of perfectionists in the kitchen and talkers at the bar—the kind of location where, for better or worse, everyone will learn your name. You’ll want to try their signature cake. Recommended by Mr. James Neil, Luxury Brand Ambassador in Gentologie Magazine Issue 10.

Visit the Louix Louis

The Clockwork at Fairmont Royal York, Meet your Father at the Clock, one of the best bars for Father’s Day


The Clockwork Bar
Photo: Fairmont Royal York

Relaxation and delicious cocktails. In a magnificent atmosphere, take the time to stop and celebrate your dad. What could be better than watching the time go by sipping on a cocktail and food menu done to perfection. Ah, there’s also afternoon tea. There is also the Library Bar in the same space, which will be also one of the best bars for Father’s Day.

Visit The Clockwork

Happy Father’s Day and consume in moderation. Looking for the best restaurants for Father’s Day or last-minute gifts, we have everything

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