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National Rum Day is today, August 16!

National Rum Day 2018 - Cover

Today August 16 is National Rum Day! What could be better than sipping delicious Rum at this crazy temperature! A classic is the mojito that we offer you on this link.

Recipes for the National Rum Day!


As for the BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro, it takes four years for the latter to mature. In a barrel under the Caribbean sun, the latter is resting to create the unique taste of BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro. There is worse to pass the time. Just like those special moments shared with friends enjoying Añejo Cuatro. With notes of sweet vanilla, toasted oak, clove and honey, with a smooth finish.

Cuatro Mismo

National Rum Day 2018 - BACARDI Anejo Cuatro - Cuatro Mismo

Cuatro Mismo
Photo: Bacardi

  • Ingredients :
    • 2 parts of BACARDÍ Cuatro
    • 4 parts of Club Soda
  • Method :
    • Pour the ingredients directly into a highball glass filled with ice.
    • Garnish with a lime wedge.

Cuatro Presidente

National Rum Day 2018 - BACARDI Anejo Cuatro - Cuatro Presidente

Cuatro Presidente
Photo: Bacardi

  • Ingredients :
    • 1.5 parts of BACARDÍ Cuatro
    • 0.75 parts of Martini & Rossi Rosso
    • 0.25 parts of Orange Curacao
    • 1 Bar Spoon of  Grenadine
  • Method :
    • Stir all ingredients with plenty of rice until very cold, strain into a coupe glass.
    • Garnish with lemon peel.


Created in 1862, BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho is one of the oldest rum blends in the world. For seven generations, the BACARDÍ family has made it their personal reserve. Fortunately, today, everyone can enjoy this golden rum and create special moments together. It takes eight years for a batch of BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho to mature. But patience is rewarded by its distinct and refined taste with hints of prune, apricot, nutmeg and vanilla.

Ocho Old Fashioned

National Rum Day 2018 - BACARDI Reserva Ocho - Ocho Old Fashioned

Ocho Old Fashioned
Cover: Bacardi

  • Ingredients :
    • 2 parts of BACARDÍ Ocho
    • 0.25 parts of simple syrup
    • 2 dashes of Angostura bitters
  • Method :
    • Add all ingredients into a rocks glass, fill with ice and stir until well mixed and
      very cold. Perfect for National Rum Day 2018 under the sun.
    • Garnish with orange peel. 

Discover the different Bacardi rums in SAQ and have a good National Rum Day!

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