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Three gins to end the summer: Sun, Simplicity and Spirits


Whether on ice, in a cocktail or with tonic water, gin goes as an undoubtedly a spirit of choice when it comes to savor a drink in the sun with friends. Thus, as the summer was in full swing, several distilleries, in search of offering new experiences, did not hesitate to draw inspiration from the distinctive qualities of fruits, plants and herbs to reach a growing clientele more informed wishing to enjoy life. In this regard, I would like to present three products to you which I think will fit perfectly with the festive occasions of this beautiful season.

Three gins to discover in this end of summer

Jardin Verde


Credit: Jardin Verde

Following the resounding success of their first spirit, BleuRoyal, BluePearl Distillerie returns with a new reduced alcohol concoction called Jardin Verde. Recently available in several branches of the SAQ, it has an alcohol content of 30% in addition to having a low calorie content compared to products currently on the market.

Resulting from the distillation of a multitude of ingredients such as fresh cucumber, rosemary, basil and spearmint, this gin is distinguished by its excessively sweet taste. It will certainly appeal to the curious and connoisseurs because of its finesse in the mouth as well as its herbaceous notes.

As a result, it will very likely become your gin of choice for summer aperitifs. Used as a base for a cocktail or garnished with a lime wedge, mint leaves and sparkling water, you will be charmed by the explosion of freshness provided by this Montreal spirit.

BluePearl Distillerie (Montréal, Québec, Canada) — SAQ Taste Tag : Herbal/Vegetal – 38,00 $

Noroi Petits Fruits


Credit: Noroi Distillerie

Arrived only a few weeks ago on the shelves of the SAQ, this new spirit from the Noroi Distillery in Saint-Hyacinthe makes an elegant entry. Characterized by its rose-tinted summer dress, this daring gin offers a taste journey with panache.

Berry isn’t just the name, strawberries and haskap berries from market gardeners located near the business naturally go with all the other ingredients. Among these, coriander, licorice, orris root as well as lemon and bitter orange peels, in order to give the product a great refinement.

Resulting from a cold distillation allowing preserving the smoothness and the richness of the aromas, this spirit with the exquisite taste will be more appealing, in my opinion, to a clientele who prefer the predominance of fruity and sweet accents. Consequently, this particularity will offer significant flexibility to the gin, when consumed as a cocktail or with regular tonic water.

Distillerie Noroi (Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada) — SAQ taste Tag : Fruity – 48,50 $

St. Laurent Gin Citrus

St-Laurent-Gin-Citrus - Bottle

Credit: St-Laurent

The Distillerie du St. Laurent undoubtedly remains one of the most lauded Quebec companies for its distinguished and inspired line of spirits. Many already know the reputation of Gin St. Laurent infused with seaweed, but less its brother, St. Laurent Gin Citrus.

Under its beautiful colorful label, houses the result for a flavored hunt that led its creators to Asia. Thanks to an experimental still, this gin is cold distilled and preserves the delicacy, freshness and aromatic intensity of the herbs and citrus fruits used in its composition. Among these, we note the presence of lemon, spearmint, Persian lime, coriander and the hand of Buddha.

In short, this creation from Rimouski brings to the fore a luscious and invigorating experience that has intrigued me from the first scent. If you weren’t already convinced after these few lines, I highly recommend this gin with tonic water with elderflower, sparkling water with a lime wedge or simply on ice to discover all its subtleties.

Distillerie du St. Laurent (Rimouski, Québec, Canada) — SAQ taste TAG : Citrus – 48,75 $

Three gins and many more

Treat yourself to these three gins, which will certainly make you drink local! Discover other gins from all over the planet on this link

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