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The Best Restaurants to Celebrate Father’s Day in Montréal


Father’s Day is fast approaching. For 2022, the latter coincides with the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada, so perhaps the availability of restaurants will be less. So maybe wait until the following week to get a seat at the best restaurants to celebrate Father’s Day.

PARK by Antonio Park : The Mastery of Sushi


Photo: Restaurant PARK

Of course, we couldn’t miss what we think is in the top 3 of the best sushi restaurants in Montréal, but above all, Antonio Park is the star of Gentologie Magazine Issue 10. It’s a place where freshness is at the rendezvous, where you will find dishes that are different, with layers of flavours as only the chef can imagine. The terrace is also wonderful. The restaurant is also open for lunch. You can book up to 21 days in advance.

Book your table now at PARK

Ferreira Café, the Freshness of Portugal on your Father’s Plate

Luxurious-Restaurants-for -the-holidays---Ferreira

Photo: Ferreira

A classic for gentlemen. All the love of Portugal is there. Delicious fish, squid ink pasta, Carabineros shrimp (photo) or octopus freshly imported from Portugal every week. Just a big wow! Not to mention their wonderful terrace and incredible wine selection. Perfect for Dad. Also open for lunch.

Book your table at Ferreira Café

Restaurant H3 and Coureur des Bois, Local Food for your Father


Foccacia with herbs, braised Kamouraska lamb and Péningouin cheese
Photograph: Matt Ayotte

Two restaurants, one fiery team! Whether we’re talking about great wines or perfectly executed dishes, Restaurant H3 and Le Coureur des Bois are in a class of their own. The finesse, the taste, these two places (in downtown Montreal and on the south shore of Montréal) are certainly among the best restaurants to celebrate Father’s Day.

Book your tableat H3

Book your table at Le Coureur des Bois

Maison Boulud of Ritz-Carlton Montréal, classic and finesse for your Father

Luxurious-Restaurants-for -the-holidays---Maison-Boulud-of-Ritz-Carlton-Montréal

Photo: Maison Boulud of Ritz-Carlton Montréal

A classic in Montréal. From the hands of the great chef Daniel Boulud, you will find wonderfully assembled plates. The luxury of the great French restaurant, in short, find classic dishes extremely well executed. Also, an incredible terrace with a garden will delight your dad when he sips a great red wine or a whisky. You can also take a detour to the local Dom Pérignon bar to start the evening.

Book your table at Maison Boulud of Ritz-Carlton Montréal

Le Monarque Restaurant, French Cuisine at it’s Best


Photo: Restaurant Monarque

Here, it’s extremely well mastered French cuisine. A real French brasserie. Two sections, one more classic and the other more bistro. It feels like France. The atmosphere is magnificent. A selection of aged meats that will make your mouth water just looking at them. It’s not intimate, it’s the brasserie atmosphere that we love to celebrate. Go see Le Monarque Restaurant redeploy its wings after the pandemic. A table d’hôte is also offered for lunch.

Book your table at Le Monarque Restaurant

Toqué!: Fine Dining for the Gourmet Dad

Photo: Bénédicte Brocard for Le Toqué!

It’s hard to miss this Quebec culinary institution. Upscale, always well done, passionate kitchen team led by Chef Normand Laprise. You will live an experience, it is the art of the table at a higher level. Also open for lunch.

Book your table at Toqué!

Grinder Restaurant: Someone say Meat?


Photo: Karel Chladek for Grinder Restaurant

If your dad is a meat lover, you need to take him to the Grinder. It’s certainly not the quietest place, but it’s definitely one of the best steakhouses in town. Definitely masculine in its atmosphere, wines just like spirits are kings here. The group behind the restaurant also owns a butcher shop of the same name a few blocks away. The pleasure is there!

Book your table at Grinder

Gibbys: an Old-fashioned Steakhouse as we like


Photo: Gibbys

Open since 1969, so there have been steaks that have passed through this establishment. Here, experience the finest seafood, fresh and flavourful oysters, a wide selection of fresh fish and delicious grilled meats, expertly aged and cooked to perfection as only Gibbys knows how. As you’d expect, here it’s freshly baked bread, crunchy dill pickles, croutons as well as crumbled bacon. You have to try their famous Monte Carlo potato. All in all, a very satisfying little throwback that your dad will love. In Montréal and Saint-Sauveur in the Laurentians.

Book your table at Gibbys

The StoneHaven Le Manoir Restaurant: Eating in a Relais & Châteaux Establishment


Photo: StoneHaven Le Manoir

Speaking of the Laurentians, continue to Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts at StoneHaven Le Manoir to make your father discover or rediscover the cuisine of chef Éric Gonzalez. We recently visited the establishment. Moreover we tell you about it in the Gentologie Magazine Issue 10. This restaurant is perfect. It works according to the seasons, not to mention the place which is majestic. If your father is a fan of Ruinart, it will be served since it is champagne by the glass. Little advice, let yourself be taken care of by the team, you will have pleasant surprises. It is certainly one of the best restaurants to celebrate Father’s Day.

Book your table at StoneHaven Le Manoir

Hoogan & Beaufort: Wood Fire Kitchen and Awesome Wines

Marchesi Antinori - The Tignanello

Marchesi Antinori – The Tignanello at Hoogan & Beaufort
Credit: Normand Boulanger for Gentologie

As you can see in the photo, taken during a dinner with Antinori, the Hoogan & Beaufort knows how to welcome for special occasions such as Father’s Day. With its cooking over a wood fire, it’s a must and it’s something different that chef Marc-André Jetté has created. In addition, the team recently set up Boucherie Édouard & Léo, online and in stores. So you have many choices with Hoogan & Beaufort.

Book your table at Hoogan & Beaufort

Visit Édouard & Léo

Bar George of Hotel Mount Stephen: The Perfect English Ambiance

Luxurious-Restaurants-for -the-holidays---bar-George-of-Hotel-Moutn-Stephen

Photo: Bar George of Mount Stephen Hotel

Your father is a swears by England? The bar george and its high-end cuisine is a place of choice. Beef Wellington is to die for! Tasty and well-made cuisine with exceptional wines and unlimited champagne, the evenings are never monotonous at the bar george. You must also visit the bar for the cocktail. Learn a bit more about the Mount Stephen Hotel here.

Book your table at bar george

The Marcus at the Four Seasons Hotel Montreal: Freshness and an Incredible View Awaits your Father

Luxurious-Restaurants-for -the-holidays---Marcus-of-Four-Seasons-Hotel-Montréal

Photo: Don Riddle for Four Seasons

The Marcus of the Four Seasons Hotel Montreal is becoming a must for its food, which was already known for its luxury, its incredible view from the terrace and its festive atmosphere. With chefs Jason Morris and S’Arto Chartier Otis in the kitchen, the dishes become marvels. We are beginning to see a true identity define itself for this restaurant which puts seafood at the forefront. Your father will be able to taste the Antonius Caviar from our friends Oysters & Caviar. It’s quieter at the beginning of the week or at lunch. They also serve brunch. And their cocktail menu is to die for.

Book your table at Marcus

Jatoba: Between intimacy and Krug champagne


Photo: Jatoba

We find at Jatoba, a certain kinship with the PARK and the Marcus since the chef Olivier Vigneault rubbed shoulders with the chefs of the two establishments. The room is beautiful, the terrace is incredible. Seafood is always fresh. And as chef Olivier Vigneault is an ambassador of champagne par excellence for gentlemen, Champagne KRUG, your father will find it on the menu, a perfect match with Antonius caviar.


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Book your table at Jatoba

Club Chasse et Pêche: A classic that your Dad will Love


Photo: Nicolas Ruel for Club Chasse et Pêche

This restaurant has been on the bill for several years (2004) already and without fanfare, it remains a reference. Great wines, perfect plates. On the menu, it’s land and sea. You won’t be disappointed. This is the perfect place for your father.

Book your table at Club Chasse et Pêche

Laurie Raphaël: When Father and Son are in the Plate


The Dining Room
Photo: Marjorie Roy

The Laurie Raphaël is a superb restaurant. He celebrated his 30th birthday in 2021. The kitchen is a handover from the father, Daniel Vézina, to the son, Raphaël Vézina. If that’s not a dream concept to celebrate Father’s Day in Quebec, I don’t know what you are. The menu is an experience in itself and you are introduced to a world of local flavours. And Antonius Caviar is also there.

Book your table at Laurie Raphaël

Le Kabinet Restaurant: Caviar and Eastern Europe Flavours


Photo: Kabinet

Here, the flavours of Eastern Europe dominate under the aegis of chef Jean-Michel Leblond, in a renovated restaurant (the lustre comes from Ukraine). The winner of “Chef des bois” is a real eye-catcher with flavours from elsewhere. The caviar, whose Antonius, dominates, it was behind his restaurant Tripes & Caviar, moreover, in several forms. The cocktails are good, plentiful, the service is fun. Very festive if your dad likes out-of-the-ordinary experiences. Feel free to sit at the bar.

Book your table at Kabinet

Happy gourmet Father’s Day. Looking for a gift, we have the perfect list for your dad.

P.S. Don’t forget that the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada weekend is June 19, 2022.

Cover Photo: Karel Chladek for Grinder Restaurant

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