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Tribute to Craft Spirits Festival: From January 16 to 27

Tribute to Craft Spirits Festival - Cover
It’s today that the best of the Alberta and British Columbia craft distillery scene is coming to Banff and Lake Louise until January 27 2019 with the Tribute to Craft Spirits Festival. TRIBUTE, with the support of Banff & Lake Louise Tourism, organize a craft spirits festival unlike any other. This is the newest event included in SnowDays, a two-week long celebration of snow, ice and now craft spirits in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Tribute to Craft Spirits Festival: Discover spirits form Alberta and British Columbia!

The Tribute to Craft Spirits Festival will feature special cocktail menus pairing regional distillers from Alberta and British Colombia with Banff and Lake Louise restaurants showcasing the best of craft, culminating in an outdoor discovery event from January 26-27.

Tribute to Craft Spirits Festival - Burwood Distillery

Burwood Gin from Burwood Distillery
Cocktail: FALSE ALARM Burwood Gin, grapefruit juice, honey, lime juice, ginger, grapefruit hop bitter,s soda water GARNISH: grapefruit slice, candied ginger, mint, rosemary
Credit: Tribute

More than 90 cocktails will be created from local spirits available in 17 Banff and Lake Louise bars and restaurants. For the 12 days of the Festival, each participating restaurant or bar will have a special cocktail menu featuring 5 craft spirits from Alberta and BC, which will be displayed at their venue throughout the festival. Each will have their own cocktails highlighting their personality as a venue, and their take on Alberta and BC’s uniquecraft distillery scene. Guests will be able to visit all the participating venues and taste the unique cocktails which showcase local talent and ingredients.

Two days Discovery Event at the Tribute to Craft Spirits Festival

Tribute to Craft Spirits Festival - Old Order Distilling Company

Black Goat Vodka from Old Order Distilling Company
Cocktail: OUTLAW Black Goat Vodka from Old Order Distilling Co., Vanilla liqueur, Averna Black walnut bitters, Lemon oils, GARNISH: Lemon zest By Chuck’s Steakhouse Credit: Tribute

The Tribute to Craft Spirits Festival main event is in an outdoor 2-day discovery event in downtown Banff. The discovery event will allow you to know restaurants and bars from Banff and Lake Louise, as well as craft distilleries from Alberta and British Columbia, in a festive atmosphere. This event will feature 18 stations representing 9 craft distilleries and 9 local bars & restaurants who will be offering tastings of their own spirits and hors d’oeuvres, all made with local ingredients. Get a chance to meet the distillers and chefs within the beautiful landscape of Banff National Park. Taste the products by purchasing coupons at the main booth. You also get a passport that provides an itinerary that includes all participating restaurants and bars. The admission is free and the coupons will be 1$ each.

Tribute to Craft Spirits Festival - Bohemian Spirits

Forrester Gin from Bohemian Spirits
Cocktail: FOREST OF FLOWERS Forester single malt oak aged gin, Benedictine Hella aromatic bitters, Green chartreuse by Block Kitchen + bar
Credit: Tribute

Get to know everything with the Tribute to Craft Spirits Festival passport!

Akvavit from Sheringham Distillery
Cocktail: STOKE THE FIRE – Sheringham Akvavit, Ramos Pinto 10yr Port Cynar, Fernet Branca, Whisky barrel aged bitters by Block Kitchen + Bar
Credit: Tribute

Guests will receive a passport which will give them access to all the exclusive events organized by the local bars & restaurants. By taking part in satellite events, guests can make the most of the TRIBUTE TO CRAFT SPIRITS FESTIVAL experience. Passports will be available online, at participating establishments and at the Discovery Event.


  • Balkan Restaurant
  • The Bison Restaurant & Terrace
  • Block Kitchen + Bar
  • Chuck’s Steakhouse
  • Larkspur at The Rimrock Resort Hotel
  • The Eddie Burger & Bar
  • The Vermillion Room at Fairmont Banff Springs
  • Alpine Social
  • High Rollers
  • Magpie & Stump
  • The Maple Leaf
  • Mt. Norquay Banff
  • Nourish Bistro Banff
  • Park Distillery Restaurant and Bar
  • Sky Bistro
  • Sleeping Buffalo at Buffalo Mountain Lodge
  • Toque Canadian Pub


  • Bohemian Spirits
  • Burwood Distillery
  • Central City Brewers + Distillers
  • Eau Claire Distillery
  • Old Order Distilling Company
  • Park Distillery Restaurant and Bar
  • RAW Distillery
  • Sheringham Distillery
  • Wild Life Distillery

Find all the details about the Tribute to Craft Spirits Festival here

RAW Peppercorn Gin from RAW Distillery
RAW Peppercorn Gin, Marschino Liquor, Lemon juice, Cucumber, Black Pepper, Sugar Syrup, Absinthe by Block Kitchen + Bar
Credit: Tribute


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